Deep Fighter Credits


Lead ProgrammerMarcus Lynn
Game DesignerRobert Churchill
ProgrammersSteve McCrea, Dominic Parrott, Tom Williamson, Olly Read, Hamish Young
Lead ArtistMark Rendle
ArtistsChris Healy, Peter Lake, James Kay
MusicRichard Beddow
Sound EffectsMike Ash
Additional ProgrammingDave Faller, Luc van den Borre, Richard Thomassen, Mark Jennings, Alex Fry
Game EngineRenderWare3 ®
Quality AssuranceFrank Parkinson, David Burke, Gavin Parker, Matt Cunningham, Neil Martin, Simon Crawford
MarketingJim Hill
Assitant ProducerJames Sutherland
Project ManagerGriff Jenkins
Executive ProducerJamie Macdonald

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Credits for this game were contributed by Macintrash (2462)