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Gamezone (Germany) (Apr 27, 2001)
Hier muß man sich auf eine Beleidigung, für die DC bereit machen. Zwar gibt es in diesem Rennspiel tolle Bikes zu kaufen, aber traut man sich dann auf die Piste, überfällt einen eine lähmende Ohnmacht. Der Motor-Sound ist erbärmlich und die Grafik ist einfach nur schlecht. Das Handling ist zwar direkt, aber äußerst unspektakulär.
38 (Oct 19, 2002)
Tal vez se le puedan achacar algunos defectos al sistema de juego de Gran Turismo, al que este título "homenajea", pero la duración no es uno de ellos; los aguerridos pilotos que resistan las carencias de toda índole que tiene este juego, tendrán delante muchas horas de... ¿¿diversión??
HappyPuppy (Apr 02, 2001)
All of these factors contribute to making Ducati World Racing Challenge a singularly unpleasant experience. The AI is unremarkable, as is the series of challenges and tests you must go through to unlock all the vehicles and tracks. Just to add insult to injury, there also seems to be a problem with saving your progress in this game. Despite careful navigation of the save interface, and double-checking the integrity of my VMU, I've now lost my Ducati saved game three times. Who knows? Maybe my VMU can't even stomach this much aggravation.
What more needs be said about a game the looks bad, plays worse and hangs regularly without the possibility of a patch? Only that it should be avoided at all costs, and this is a real shame because the concepts driving Ducati World Racing Challenge have already been proven to make for a fun title. Aside from the AI, which merely clocks in at a “not bad” level, the game is universally unpolished, uninspired and, to be honest, not really all that fun to play. Dodgy controls, inexplicable physics and stability issues plague the races, while even the Career mode’s extensive front end sometimes falls victim to anomalous trial and race completions. Put simply, this piece of software lacks any of the polish, quality and performance that made the Ducati name so famous in bike circles.
IGN (Mar 05, 2001)
In light of all these short-comings, Ducati World Racing Challenge is a far cry from what a next-generation experience should be. Truth be told, it barely does a good job of faithfully replicating the PlayStation experience, which wasn't that great to start with. I guess if the guys at bleem! are completely desperate, this poorly conceived emulator might be a good start, but outside that. This thing is a real banana in the tailpipe of Dreamcast racing. Stay far, far may be contagious.
Game Revolution (Mar 01, 2001)
It's pretty hard to mess up a racer, but it looks like Ducati World Racing Challenge has found the formula. Too many technical problems and not enough fun drive this bike straight into the ground. You'll have more fun playing Hang On again with Shenmue.
And you will lose. Thanks to horrific collision detection coupled with violent pop-in and mixed with a heavy handed supply of crappy control. Even thought the screenshots lie and tell you that this game looks good in motion; don't be fooled. Those aren't screenshots; they are movies of the game. See how fast the framerate is? I'm kidding of course, but barely. Simply put, Ducati World Racing Challenge is a waste of time and money.
19 (Apr 09, 2001)
Exactly how I managed to spend half a day playing and reviewing this title I don't know. It's absolute drivel. With the amount of time that Dreamcast development kits have been available and with Acclaim publishing the title I would have expected so much better. Ducati World is the worst title seen on the Dreamcast to date, and yes, that includes the laughable Spirit Of Speed 1929. While it may be better technically, Ducati World is a heavier fall because of the promising build up to release. Steer well clear of this game, on all counts, it's a failure.