Written by  :  MasterMegid (902)
Written on  :  Jun 04, 2008
Platform  :  Dreamcast
Rating  :  3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars

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Meet The Cop Who Cannot Be Stopped...

The Good

Released in 1999, “Dynamite Cop!”, was a launch game for the Sega Dreamcast. It is in actuality the second installment in the Dynamite Cop franchise. The first game in the series was called “Die Hard Arcade” outside of Japan, and changed slightly to fit the film “Die Hard” better.

Die Hard Arcade was a blast to play. With it’s fast and furious gameplay, it was indeed one of the Saturn’s most underrated gems. It was also one of the few 3D fighters, or beat-em-ups, as they are colloquially known to be as fun as it’s classic 2D predecessors. Can Dynamite Cop, possibly live up?

Avast ye matey? What the hell does that mean?

In Dynamite Cop, the president’s daughter is in peril once more. This time pirates, yes, pirates have hijacked a cruise ship. She was among the 300 passengers. The government has responded by sending a squad of commandos to save them. Including Captain Bruno Delinger, AKA the dynamite cop. Two other playable characters join him. Sergeant Jean Ivy, with her fast and often off-the-chain attacks, and Corporal Eddie Brown, whom emphasizes power over speed.

Each character plays differently. Which is always nice, particularly in this genre. There are the usual punches, kicks, grapples, and of course combos and special moves. The tight controls of the original return in high style in this erstwhile sequel. Each fighter retains a unique set of moves, and once again just about anything can be used as a weapon.

Dynamite Cop, however ups the amount of weapons. Each fighter has a side arm. And can pick up other guns. Ranging from sub-machineguns, to anti-air rockets. Other typical weapons such as knives and bats also are available. But it’s the silly weapons that steal the show. When in the ships buffet, you can pick up a plate of pork buns, and toss them at the enemy. 100 pound tuna fish also make good weapons, and once you break it over a foes head, you can eat the fish and gain health. Some items can be combined to make weapons. Hairspray + a lighter = a portable flamethrower.

QTE segments return as well. When successful you are treated to a scene of your success. Failure forces you to fight the foe. Or take damage.

The game is broken down into paths. The player chooses there entry point onto the ship. Which slightly changes the game. As the places that you go and the enemies you will face change, as does the plot slightly. The paths also vary in challenge. The first path offers unlimited credits, the second has a limit, but it should be more than enough for an experienced player to prevail. The third path is the only one that offers any real challenge as you only have a few credits. Yet it is nothing compared to some other modes.

When you finish all 3 paths, you unlock Showdown. In which you only have one credit in which to finish the game. Not impossible, but not easy either. Other modes include Vs., Survival, and an old Sega arcade game, Tranquilizer Gun. Which works the opposite of the game in Die Hard Arcade, in which playing it earned credits for the actual game. In Dynamite Cop, playing the main game earns credits for the mini-game. There is no shortage of things to do here. Which is good, as lastablity is often overlooked in games like this. There is even an downloadable called the detonator pack. That adds, a new fighter, weapons, and foes. Furthermore you can unlock artwork to view in the gallery.

I feel I should make special mention of how silly this game is. Seeing as the first game had only a few silly things. Dynamite Cop is much more light hearted. And often irreverent. (Think of it as a Monty Python, beat-em-up.-MM-) From the ridiculous plot, and situations, to the silly endings. The game was even marketed as being goofy. So if you want a serious action game, or like games that take themselves too seriously, you may need to look else where.

The graphics are good, not great. And being an early Dreamcast game, it is somewhat dated. Yet the visuals get the job done and are hardly bad.

The music is passable. And much of it was just reused from the Die Hard Arcade. The sound effects fare better. From the sounds of guns and bone cracking, to the silly dialogue and silly sound effects of kicking a foe where the sun doesn’t shine.

The Bad

The games attempt to add replay value may very well irritate some. As I have heard more that one gamer complain about disliking having to “work” to finish the game. I would have preferred a more streamlined credit system.

I found the game to be too unbalanced. As it quickly goes from to easy, to frustrating.

The A.I. can be very cheap. A common problem with this type of game.

The game has some technical issues as well. As it is incompatible with the 4X memory cards. Which I favor. I had to buy a regular card, or VMU, in order to have the game save. Which are not exactly common these days.

The Bottom Line

Fans of the genre will find a lot to like with Dynamite Cop. And I can tell you it only makes me wonder why Sega has yet to make a Streets of Rage 4, alas maybe someday. In the meantime, Dynamite Cop is a fun diversion.