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Fighting Force 2 (Dreamcast)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Fighting Force 2 Credits


ProgrammersMark Avory, Alex Davis, Daniel Scott, Neil Topham
Background DesignJeremy Oldreive, Adrian Smith, Gary Tonge
Background ArtworkJeremy Oldreive, Adrian Smith, Gary Tonge
Character DesignRoberto Cirillo, Lee Pullen
Character AnimationRoberto Cirillo, Lee Pullen
MusicMartin Iveson
SFXMartin Iveson
Additional ArtworkMark Hazleton
Script WriterMurti A. Schofield
Quality AssuranceJason Churchman, Tiziano Cirillo, Nick Connolly, Hayos Fatunmbi, Steve Wakeman, David Ward, Paul Field
Additional Quality AssuranceNeil Allden, Lars Bakken, Carlo Delallana, Timothy Moore, Clint Nembhard, Jonathon Redington, Robert Swain, Beau Teora, Benjamin Twose, Kjell Vistad, Tamara A. Williamson
ProducerKen Lockley
Executive ProducerAdrian Smith, Jeremy Heath-Smith
Special thanksDigital Animations, Dana Dorian, Stuart Aitken, Mark Donald

Eidos Interactive

Associate ProducerMike Schmitt
QA ManagerMichael McHale
Assistant QA ManagerCorey Fong
Test LeadLars Bakken
Assistant Test LeadCarlo Delallana
Quality AssuranceBeau Teora, Kjell Vistad, Robert Swain, Tamara A. Williamson, Timothy Moore
Product ManagerGary Keith Brubaker
Associate Product ManagerJennifer Fitzsimmons
VP of MarketingPaul Baldwin
Senior VP of Sales & MarketingDavid Cox
Creative DirectorSutton Trout
Public RelationsGreg Rizzer
Additional MarketingMichelle Bravo, Karina Kogan, Antonia Phillips, Randy Stukes
Packaging and ManualPrice Design  Team
Special ThanksAdrian Smith, Andrew Thompson, Susie Hamilton, Robert K. Dyer, James Bartolomei, Gary Kinnsch, Jo Kathryn Reavis, Robert K. Barrett, Nicholas Earl, Kevin Weston, Ken Lockley

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