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The House of the Dead 2 (Dreamcast)

ESRB Rating
Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

User Reviews

Another great arcade conversion for the Dreamcast! Tibes80 (1495) unrated

Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 2.9
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.1
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.8
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.5
Overall User Score (37 votes) 3.6

Critic Reviews

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The Video Game Critic
Quirky, action-packed, and loaded with unintentional humor, House of the Dead 2 provides the most satisfying light gun shooting action I've experienced.
The Next Level
In conclusion, HotD2 is one fantastic game that displays some of the best DC visuals seen to date. The only things I didn't like were the horrendous voice acting and the extreme difficulty. An unlimited continues option and a hidden version HotD1 would have been a welcome sight, but this title is still incredible, and who knows, come this September when the game hits US shelves, these features could well become a reality.
זהו ללא ספק אחד ממשחקי האקדח הטובים, שיצאו עד היום למסוף ביתי כלשהו. למרות כמה בעיות, לדעתי זהו משחק מומלץ ביותר!
Shin Force
Sega definitely knows how to make gun shooters. House of the Dead 2 is arcade perfect, just as expected. If you like shooting monsters, saving innocent citizens, realistic graphics, and clear sounds, then this game is for you...
Super Play
Med House of the Dead 2 visar Sega att de fortfarande tar genren på allvar och att de inte ringaktar ljuspistolens betydelse på Dreamcast. Förhoppningsvis inser de även att konsolens kapacitet mer än väl räcker till för vidareutveckling av konceptet, så att vi i framtiden kan få chansen att njuta av sådana ljuspistolspel som vi alltid har drömt om.
Mega Fun
Ich mache keinen Hehl daraus, dass ich Segas Lightgun-Spiele mag. Ihre unkomplizierte Steuerung und die satten Grafik- und Soundeffekte begeistern mich immer wieder aufs Neue. So ist es auch mit The House of the Dead Dieser Gun-Shooter überzeugt mich nicht nur wegen seiner technischen Brillanz, sondenr gerade wegen seiner ausgefeilten Spielmodi und Extrawaffen. Hat man das Spiel im Arcade-Mode durchgezockt, stehen noch ein spezieller DC-, Boss- und Trainingsmode bereit, durchgeballert zu werden. Ganz davon zu schweigen, dass neue Charaktere auf ihren Einsatz warten. Wer also auf Gun-Spiele steht, kommt an diesem Spitzenprodukt nicht vorbei.
Original Gamer
Arcade mode can be beaten in less than an hour for more players, but it's not that easy. After playing the game enough, you'll memorize the enemy patterns and able to kill the enemies quicker yet still, a little help is needed. With a limited amount of health and continues, it's not surprising that beating the game will take plenty of tries, just like in the arcades. To assist the gamer, more health and continues will become available after you do a playthrough and get the "game over" screen. There's also the Original mode alternative to the Arcade mode. Original mode lets you pick a variety of options such as more credits, extra damage, or replace your bullets with some awkward alternatives. You can even make the game tougher in Original mode if you think you're a Billy Badass.
A top notch shooter that’s even better than the arcade in many respects! It is only a gun game though as so has a slightly shorter shelf life.
Gun games . . . you either love 'em or you hate 'em, right? Well, I was kinda on mixed grounds regarding the issue, actually, as I sorta-kinda liked the original House of the Dead on the Saturn, and I sorta kinda liked Virtua Cop. House of the Dead II has me leaning more towards the love 'em side, though, with its faster, more varied gameplay, and its incredible graphical style.
Incredibly fun game, fantastic graphics. Unfortunately, no Sega light gun; Japanese gun is not supported.
Defunct Games
It isn't ground-breaking but who the hell needs it to be, when it flawlessly pulls off a fun, familiar concept accessible to anyone with a brain in their head. House of the Dead 2 isn't low-brow or high-brow it's a great arcade port. The Dreamcast has Shenmue and Grandia 2 for gamers hungry for depth and innovation. If you need a great shooter to feed your id with gratuitous action, than drone on my blood-thirsty friend, to purchase is a no-brainer.
Shin Force
Fearful that Columbine (like everything else that's wrong in the world) would be blamed on Sega, they didn't release the gun. I say, Who Needs It?! Zombies are where the action is! Now where are Zombie Revenge, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil: Code Veronica, and Castlevania: Resurrections?
Prodigieux ! Ce jeu est angoissant comme jamais. La réalisation est quasi parfaite, et le rythme des parties est soutenu, à tel point qu'on semble devoir s'accrocher à son flingue comme si on redoutait les coups... Ah oui ! le flingue ! Il est indispensable pour la jouabilité, et encore, même avec, on finit toujours par s'emmêler les pinceaux quand les ennemis se font nombreux à l'écran, c'est le point faible de l'histoire. A part ça, c'est vraiment un sacré jeu !
Game Revolution
All the zombies in the house yell brains! Now throw your hands in the air!...Yuck. The first bit of wisdom I've always had for people confronted by a house full of evil is, Don't go in the house. Seems pretty logical. A house full of hungry undead is bound to be extremely dangerous at best. If it were me, I'd get right back in my car, drive to the airport, fly to the Bahamas, and then call the Army from my hammock on the beach while I sipped on a frosty rum drink. However, while ideal for me, this would not make a very exciting video game (Unless your plane was hijacked by zombies... - Ed.).
Power Unlimited
Ben je een liefhebbervan guns, bruut geweld en een hoog goorheidsgehalte, dan is The House Of The Dead 2 zeker een spel voor jou. Goede schutters zullen het spel echter snel uitgespeeld hebben.
Concludendo il titolo AM1 si dimostra l’ennesimo capolavoro per lo sfortunato 128bit della Sega, ed è pertanto da sconsigliarsi solamente a chi non ha mai digerito questo genere di giochi. L’unica remora resta dunque la difficile reperibilità e il costo non proprio abbordabile dell’indispensabile periferica, la quale a prescindere dalle sue indiscusse qualità trova pochissime altre applicazioni al di fuori del titolo qui analizzato (in versione Pal solamente in Confidential Mission).
If you're only going to play it intermittently every week or so, as though it were an arcade game, it's be a fun series of exploding skulls. However, if you treat House of the Dead 2 like a console game, sit down with it for a good hour or two, and experiment, the alternate paths and hidden bonuses allow for a great deal of exploration — something you won't find in most other light gun games. Whether you use a light gun or play with the Dreamcast controller, it's an entertainingly brainless undead thriller... even if it doesn't take place inside a house.
Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
I don't know how much Sega pocketed from gamers hungry for horror action when they placed House of the Dead machines in arcades across America, but I can tell you they laid claim to more of my quarters than I'd care to admit. Working on the assumption that they obviously made enough money on the game to warrant a sequel, it was obvious that House of the Dead 2 was sure to be forthcoming. While wandering about this year's Computer Game Developer's Conference, I first stumbled upon a HotD2 machine, which just happened to be set on free play. After mumbling "sweeeeeeeet" in a Cartman-esque voice to myself, a friend and I dove into the game, emerging only when the entire thing had been successfully completed two or three times (hey, cut me a break...it was on free play).
Gaming Target
Looking for a good shooter or seeking a sweet arcade conversion on Dreamcast? Be sure to try out House of the Dead 2 along with a light-gun of some sort, especially if you are a fan of such games.
Planet Dreamcast
Zombies are wonderful creatures, once you think about it. Whether you go to a movie that has zombies in it or buy a videogame with pictures of zombies on the box, you just know there's going to be lots and lots of shooting involved. For some reason, zombies and guns go hand in hand. I mean, if I ever saw a zombie coming down the street, slowly lumbering in my general direction, I wouldn't try to strike up a witty dialogue with it, I'd look for the nearest gun and shoot at it. After a few shots, that zombie would make a funny noise and die. That's just what zombies do!
Just a gun that lines up with the sights doesn't seem too much to ask for. The often-used phrase "Virtua Cop meets Resident Evil" doesn't quite do Sega's zombie-blasting arcade gun-game series justice, but it's certainly close enough to give you the general idea of what the House of the Dead series is all about. In it, you're part of a government agency in charge of stopping the machinations of the nefarious and incredibly monotone Goldman, a suit-wearing evil mastermind intent on wiping out the human race with his monster hordes for reasons that never really quite make sense - or have to, for that matter. If that sounds like the plot for the first House of the Dead game that's because, well, the evil is back!
GamePro (US)
The game is way too short, the graphic are cool but limited (you see enemies repeated throughout the game), and the game is useless sold as is -sans light gun. Shelling out more bucks for the gun puts HOD2 in the category of too pricey, and definitely not worth other games the Dreamcast has to offer. Rent this game and the gun, and clear out the house in a weekend.