Written by  :  big_brother (7)
Written on  :  Oct 03, 2004
Platform  :  Dreamcast

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A challenging, original arcade shooter.

The Good

Ikaruga brings a few new cards to the table. The light/dark shooting ability is something to love or hate. You have to have very careful timing with how you switch between the two. If you are in the light stage and you get hit with a dark shot, you die. If you're in the light stage and you get hit with a light shot, you gain energy, and vice versa. Even the slightest mistake in using the two could mean the end of your game. The graphics are very nice. The combo system is a challenging and interesting feature that utilizes the light/dark system. Hit 3 enemies of the same type you get a 1 on the chain counter. Hit 2 light enemies, and 1 dark enemy, you get nothing.

The Bad

This game is a challenge, and not your average challenge. An intense challenge. The boss' are rather difficult.

The Bottom Line

A very challenging, very rewarding, very fun shooter. Yet another must have for Dreamcast owners.