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Gameplay almost as unique as the graphical style David Mackenzie (48) 4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars
Not Quite Tony Hawk, Not Quite Mario Paint, Not Quite Like Anything Else... Steve Thompson (110) 4.33 Stars4.33 Stars4.33 Stars4.33 Stars4.33 Stars
Wonderfully stylish game, but... optrirominiluikus (118) 3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars
Jet Set Radio, Radio! Classic Nigel (150) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
Bring in da tunes...bring in da tricks...JET SET RADIO IS IN DA HOUSE!!! Satoshi Kunsai (2093) 4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars
A visual feast Tracer__ (13) 4.33 Stars4.33 Stars4.33 Stars4.33 Stars4.33 Stars
My favorite Dreamcast game Attila (590) 4.83 Stars4.83 Stars4.83 Stars4.83 Stars4.83 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.6
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.9
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.3
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.1
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.8
Overall User Score (88 votes) 4.0

Critic Reviews

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Thunderbolt Games (Jul 06, 2009)
This all might sound a bit simple-minded and silly, if you’ve never heard of Jet Grind Radio before. I assure you, the plot is entirely inane and nonsensical up until the very end. That’s really not my style, I don’t like when games think they’re really funny or that they’ve got more style than they really do. However, that’s not Jet Grind Radio. It has an over-abundance of style and personality around every bend and fits all the aspects that should make up a perfect game into one tight package. This is my idea of how flawless looks, sounds, feels, and plays. It’s not so much that it gave me a new standard, but it has certainly redefined how I view innovation in gaming.
Gaming Age (Nov 16, 2000)
Jet Grind Radio is the best Dreamcast game of the year and a must-have game for any Dreamcast gamer. Buy it without hesitation, you will not be disappointed.
GamesFirst! (Nov 20, 2000)
What’s left to say? If Sega keeps cranking out thoroughly amazing titles like JGR, the Dreamcast could remain on top for years. While the other next-gen systems stumble through their first generation titles, the Dreamcast drives into new territory with incredibly innovative titles. Jet Grind Radio is an excellent example of what video games could be – artistic, insanely fun, and original.
Game Chronicles (Jul 15, 2001)
Jet Grind Radio simply oozes with style and is probably the most fun you can have with your Dreamcast. I'm only sorry I waited almost a year before I realized what I had been missing and despite the lateness of this review I encourage every one of you with a Dreamcast to run out and buy this game right now. You should be able to find it in the discount bins for $9.99. I guarantee you will have countless hours of addictive, challenging, and just pure fun gameplay with Jet Grind Radio.
Like a kerosene bull in a fireworks factory constructed out of matchsticks, Jet Grind Radio is set to light the autumn skies ablaze. Not only does it mark the release of yet another triple-A Dreamcast title, but it signals a virtual call-to-arms for gamers everywhere: This is one of the most involving, well-designed and downright beautiful games ever created, and it's just the sort of landmark title that revitalizes one's faith in videogames. If you have ever used the words 'hardcore' and 'gamer' in the same sentence (or even adjacent sentences) to describe yourself, you absolutely, positively, must play this game.
Gamezilla (Jan 19, 2001)
Holy crap! Get this game! It is the most fun you can have playing a game on any system right now. Superb graphics, fun plot, replayability, custom graffiti you can download from the net, cool characters, hot music, and addictive gameplay! Dare I say this is the best action game on the market! I dare and it is. If you do not buy this game you will only be shorting yourself a truly awesome video game experience.
Netjak (Jan 10, 2002)
With prices on the Dreamcast as low as they are now; I implore you to grab yourself a console and this game. There are easily a dozen games that are must haves', and their cost is under $20. Jet Grind Radio tops my list for one of the best Dreamcast games to ever; and possibly of all time.
IGN (Oct 27, 2000)
I'm not quite sure what a Smilebit is, personally. But if they could bottle and sell it, game developers worldwide would undoubtedly be compelled to unanimously declare a new favorite beverage, because in Jet Grind Radio, this team has unquestionably displayed that they indeed have "the stuff."
Gaming Target (Nov 10, 2000)
Jet Grind Radio is easily one of the best games to be developed for Dreamcast. Even though the camera can be a pain in the ass a few times more than it should have, things are never unbearable. This game just has so much personality it’s almost sickening. Perfect graphics and sound, mixed with near flawless gameplay is the ideal recipe for a brilliant game. If this doesn’t sell systems, I don’t know what will.
HonestGamers (Jan 30, 2002)
The game itself is very fun, and allows for one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences EVER! I highly recommend this game, as Jet Grind Radio is a definite must-have for any self-respecting Dreamcast owner.
Game Vortex (Dec 08, 2002)
In the end, Jet Grind Radio is one of the most original experiences you'll ever have on a video-game system today. It's like when, back in the late eighties and early nineties, new genres were still being developed. The first few offerings had their rough edges, but they were still amazing, and one can only marvel at what can be done in the second iteration. Multiplayer support, a tighter camera, and tighter controls are the only things that can really be done to make Jet Grind Radio any better. As it is, any self-respecting Dreamcast owner should have this game.
Power Unlimited (Jan, 2001)
Jet Set Radio heeft naast een geweldige verhaallijn ook nog een onuitputtelijke replay value omdat je na het uitspelen van het spel nog urenlang kunt doorgaan met het verkennen van de behaalde levels. Ook opties als zelf je tags ontwerpen of te downloaden van het internet geven het spel een extra dimensie.
En résumé, et vous l'aurez déjà compris, Jet Set Radio est un excellent jeu, qui souffre de défauts ennuyants par moments mais qui se révèlent minuscules par rapport au plaisir de jeu. On attend avec impatience une suite, qui avec mode multi joueurs pourrait une fois de plus nous impressionner!
94 (Oct 24, 2003)
Concluyendo, estamos ante uno de los mejores juegos de Dreamcast, un clásico intemporal que sólo ha sido superado por su secuela, Jet Set Radio Future, aunque el estilo de los gráficos no es exactamente igual. Smilebit hizo historia creando una pequeña obra de arte, tanto estética como jugable, y popularizando el "cell shading". Nadie debería dejar pasar la oportunidad de probar este juego, puede gustarte o puede que lo odies, pero seguro que no te deja indiferente.
Gameplay RPG (Dec, 2000)
Voilà un jeu qui a fait beaucoup parler de lui lors de sa sortie au Japon, et qui risque bien de faire un carton aussi en Europe.
NowGamer (2000)
Bringing gorgeous graffiti to your Dreamcast, Jet Set Radio is a stormer of a game that’s packed with original ideas
Meristation (Nov 28, 2000)
Jet Set Radio, se presenta como una de las joyas en bruto que merece ser pulida por todos nosotros para llegar al Olimpo del video-juego... Altas cotas de originalidad, geniales gráficos, impresionante banda sonora, y magnífica jugabilidad son las premisas que llevan a este juego a convertirlo en uno de los serios competidores de Shenmue, como juego a ser comprado por todos estas navidades.
Defunct Games (Apr 02, 2005)
When Sega makes a good game, they make a genre to go along with it. I'm hard pressed to classify the game. Is it a third person shooter? No, you never use a gun. Perhaps a graffiti sim? Not quite. But whatever it is, its fantastic!
Mega Fun (Aug, 2000)
Mit dicken Augenrändern bin ich während der letzten Tage in die Redaktion marschiert. Bis früh in den Morgen habe ich immer wieder versucht, einen weiteren Level des Ausnahmetitels erfolgreich zu meistern. Sega erschuf eine wahre Droge, von der ich nicht mehr lassen kann! Jet Set (Grind) Radio zählt somit für mich schon jetzt zu einem der besten Titel des Jahres!
Gamer's Pulse (Jun 17, 2001)
Overall, Jet Set Radio offers a highly unique experience to gamers. This game can’t really be placed in any one genre; it’s a totally new style of game. Of course, for those of us who own Dreamcasts, we come to expect this from Sega all the time. But everyone else out there is definitely missing out on something extremely special. Games like this don’t come along very often, so those of you out there who call yourselves gamers should really aim to play Jet Set Radio at least once, even if you only rent it. And now, with Dreamcast at such a low price, there has never been a better time to pick up and enjoy Jet Set Radio. So if you are reading this review and don’t own a Dreamcast, stop reading and go to your local store to pick one up, or risk missing out on one of the most unique games ever created.
91 (Dec 14, 2000)
Being a game reviewer means you get to play a lot of titles, and a lot of the time it can become a chore to play a game. When the review is done, most games get shelved. That won't be the case with Jet Set Radio. This game is very enjoyable and definately has that replayability which so many games seem to lack these days. With a great soundtrack and some of the coolest characters ever this game will keep you playing for weeks. If you are a parent be warned that there is a lot of "tagging" required throughout the game, as it really is the main theme of the game. If you don't want your kids to think this is a cool idea at a young age you may want to steer clear. For others, the graphics, sound and gameplay will blow you away.
The Next Level (Jul 15, 2000)
Despite the level of difficulty in the game, it's still an extremely fun title to get your hands on. Even after you beat it, there's still some great features (that will hopefully be left in the domestic version), like the Time Attack modes where you can upload your scores online to compare with other players. Overall, Sega has a real winner on its hands; a game that's not only fun for anyone over the age of 10 to play, but highly marketable as well. With the level of quality that goes into both the presentation of the game as well as the actual gameplay, I wouldn't be surprised if this is one of the titles that helps Sega attempt to weather the upcoming storm that is the PlayStation 2.
Game Revolution (Nov 01, 2000)
Sega should be proud of their accomplishments with Jet Grind Radio, a game that brings out the best of the Dreamcast. With its fresh attitude and fun gameplay, this is a great alternative to sniffing paint cans in the morning.
Video Games (Nov, 2000)
(PAL version)
Geniale Präsentation gepaart mit viel Spielwitz, Areale, die man stundenlang erkunden kann, coole Mucke und Sprachausgabe sowie nette Gimmicks – was wollt ihr mehr? Leider ist das Spiel an sich etwas kurz geraten, schon nach wenigen Tagen werdet ihr den Abspann sehen. Dann bleibt zwar immer noch die Suche nach den versteckten Tag-Symbolen, aber für einen eventuellen Nachfolger erwarte ich mir quantitativ ungefähr doppelt so viele beziehungsweise verschiedene Städte.
Video Games (Aug, 2000)
Als einzigen Kritikpunkt könnte man vielleicht den etwas zu hohen Schwierigkeitsgrad erwähnen, der aber unserer Meinung nach eher motivierend, denn frustrierend ist. Zwar müsst ihr viele der knackschweren Stages zehnmal und (fast schon zu viel?) öfter spielen, um sie letztendlich zu schaffen, jedoch kommt ihr bei jedem Versuch ein kleines Stückchen weiter (und sei es nur ein Zentimeter), was - genügend Ehrgeiz vorausgesetzt - für eine enorme Herausforderung sorgt und wochenlang Spaß macht. Also Leute - wer hier nicht zuschlägt, ist selber schuld, zumal dieser Import auch für Nicht-Japaner durch ein wenig Try-an-Error eigentlich größtenteils problemlos zu spielen ist, Get it!
90 (Sep 20, 2009)
Einfach unglaublich was Sega mit diesem Spiel geschaffen hat! Jet Set Radio sprüht nur so vor Spielwitz und Style und markiert definitiv den Höhepunkt des japanischen Herstellers an Innovation und Ideenreichtum. Grafisch, sound- und präsentationstechnisch auf aller höchstem Dreamcast-Niveau, fesselt der Titel auch aufgrund der gelungenen Mischung aus Trendsport, Geschicklichkeit und Action ans Pad! Denn der Spielfluss bleibt trotz so vieler verschiedener Elemente stets hoch und wird auch nie durch einen unfairen Schwierigkeitsgrad gestört. Wäre der Umfang des Spiel nur nicht so knapp ausgefallen, hätts vielleicht zu „9,5 von 10“ gereicht. Trotzdem aber immer noch ein Spiel, das man gesehen und gespielt haben muss. So viel Spaß hat man selten!
GamesCollection (Jan 17, 2011)
Come già detto, Jet Set Radio è un titolo imprescindibile nella bacheca di ogni videogiocatore che si rispetti, anche solo per ciò che ha rappresentato al tempo della sua uscita che risale a oramai dieci lunghi anni fa. Un punto di riferimento per gli amanti della cultura hip hop e una inaspettata sorpresa per chi non la ha mai sopportata, ma soprattutto un acquisto imprescindibile per gli amanti del Dreamcast e dei tempi d’oro del Videogioco moderno inteso come espressione d’arte. Non averlo sarebbe un reato… peggiore che “imbrattare i muri”.
It’s hard to describe exactly how it works out so well, but the graphics and music make a perfect union with the subject matter in this title, and the resulting fusion is an absolute joy to behold. Aside from some troublesome camera work and a clunky save game interface, Jet Grind Radio is easily one of the best offerings released in 2000 for the Dreamcast. [...] Patience is a virtue however, and those who press on past the steep learning curve will develop a new appreciation for the arts of level design and musical compilation. Mix in an impressive new technique for rendering characters that captures the spirit of animation while still being 3D, and you should have ample reason to master the rail slides and jumps needed to complete each level. With the possible exception of those that absolutely detest action games, any Dreamcast owner should strap on their blades and grind their way to the closest retailer for a copy of this high-flying gem.
All in all, this mix of brilliant graphics, gameplay variety, and music makes for what might have been the greatest of Dreamcast games -- if only they'd bothered to toss in a two-player simultaneous mode. This is a glaring omission and would have almost certainly put the game over that nebulous masterpiece hurdle, whereas now it only skirts delicately against the surface of that prestigious bubble. Still, all qualms aside, Jet Grind Radio deserves to be recognized, and every Sega supporter and lover of quality games should go out and get it. Now.
90 (Feb 07, 2008)
In conclusione Jet Set Radio è un’esperienza assolutamente da non perdere, densa di un originale e moderno stile artistico legato al fin troppo bistrattato universo Hip Hop, nel quale una volta portato a termine il gioco vi sentirete per tanto tempo indissolubilmente appartenenti.
Planet Dreamcast (Nov 20, 2000)
Jet Grind Radio is a unique experience. The graphics are some of the most amazing you'll see on any of the "next-generation" consoles this year, and prove once again that with a little ingenuity, the Dreamcast can be even more visually stimulating than any of its more powerful brothers. Add in a fun soundtrack, gameplay that is as unique as anything else on the market today, and a great sense of style, and you know that Sega has a real winner on its hands. From the second you turn on your Dreamcast, you'll realize you're stepping into a game world like no other, and you may never want to leave. Simply put, Jet Grind Radio is one of the best titles available this holiday season, and a great addition to the already amazing Dreamcast library.
GamePro (US) (Nov 24, 2000)
Jet Grind Radio is a unique and fun action game. The excellent graphics and unique look back the solid gameplay. It's certainly one of the best games for the Dreamcast this year. The simple, but challenging gameplay will suck you in. Do yourself a favor and grab Jet Grind.
Gamekult (Dec 02, 2000)
Magnifique, superbe, sensationnel, autant d'adjectifs qui prennent tout leur sens dans Jet set radio. Des graphismes éblouissants, une jouabilité qui frise la perfection ; décidément, le jeu qui va révolutionner le gameplay sur Dreamcast semble bien être arrivé. Un concept simple mais radicalement efficace qui contentera tous les joueurs, petits et grands, gamers et néophytes avec ses mouvements délirants et son approche très ludique. En un mot, n'attendez plus et grindez vous procurer ce titre incontournable qui vous assurera des moments de plaisir intenses.
Armchair Empire, The (Dec 20, 2000)
Gamers looking for something different to play on their Dreamcast should seriously consider getting Jet Grind Radio. The unique gameplay alone makes the title worth spending some time with.
GamersMark (Nov 05, 2000)
I imported this game two months ago and I still find myself wanting to do some more destruction of property. Very high replay value.
90 (Nov 29, 2000)
Un véritable hit en puissance que ce Jet Set Radio somptueux tant par l'originalité, que le gameplay ou encore la réalisation. On scotche rapidement et il vous faudra du temps avant de lâcher Jet Set Radio et son fun incroyable.
GameSpot (Jul 05, 2000)
At first glance, Jet Grind Radio looks like an attempt to cash in on the recent skateboarding craze - but nothing could be farther from the truth. Sega's Jet Grind Radio is a game full of redefinitions, forcing you to really rethink what you expect out of a game from an audio/visual standpoint while delivering some exciting, balanced gameplay at the same time.
Gamezone (Germany) (Apr 27, 2001)
Dieser Titel hat so viel Charme, daß es ein Vergehen wäre, sich diesen Titel nicht zu zulegen. Neben den tollen Tricks, beeindruckt die gesamte Rundum-Story. In der Stadt Tokio gibt es einige Gangs, die natürlich ihr Revier mit Graffitis markieren. Hier heißt es, sich gegen andere zu behaupten, indem man der eigenen Clique dabei hilft, die Tags anderer mit den eigenen zu übersprühen.
GameSpot UK (Jul 18, 2000)
Jet Set Radio is one of those "something for everyone" games that really make a perfect addition to the Dreamcast library. While all of the game's speech is already in English, the tag editor and text throughout the game are all in Japanese, so it might be easier to just wait for the game's UK release later this year under the name Jet Grind Radio.
Even a game this good has to have some flaws. The camera is at times sporadic, but by no means hindering to the gameplay. Also, the control can be hard to grasp from the start, frustrating those with little patience. Otherwise, Sega has created the world's most innovative game in at least five years. Anyone who owns a Dreamcast owes it to themselves to see what the fuss is about.
The Video Game Critic (Jan 03, 2001)
One major thing that annoyed me about this game is the camera work. Some levels have cramped areas, and you'll really struggle to get a good angle. And that's no fun when the police are beating you with clubs like Rodney King (I'm not kidding!). Jet Grind is unlike any other game out there. It's far from perfect, but it deserves a look.
Sharkberg (Sep 12, 2015)
Anyways! If you’ve got yourself a Dreamcast, you should already have this game. If not… get on that, fool! If you don’t have a Dreamcast (you poor soul), you can pick this title up digitally for the PS3, Vita, Xbox 360, or Steam. It’s wacky! It’s cool! It’s a good influence for children! It’s a classic for the ages.
Gaming since 198x (Jun 02, 2011)
Jeu sous estimé sur une console sous estimée, JSR fait souvent partie des tops 10 "des jeux que vous ne devriez pas rater" et on comprend pourquoi.
Sega är verkligen på hugget nu. De står för de mest innovativa titlarna vi har för tillfället. Jet Set Radio är en någorlunda smart produktion som självfallet kommer att imiteras. Men originalet förblir oftast det bästa och det är därför jag hoppas att ni kommer att tycka om Jet Set Radio lika mycket som jag.
Game Critics (Dec 03, 2000)
Jet Grind Radio shows us a new and fun visual style and combines it with great music and fast gameplay to create one hell of an initial thrill. There are a lot of things to do within the game, but sometimes it's more concerned with overloading your eyes and ears with color and sound than it is with trying new things gameplay-wise. You could even say it relies a little too much on the graphics and music instead of giving more depth to the game world and refining the suspect game camera. This is not to say that the graphics and music aren't worthy of such attention (because they are), but there were times in Jet Grind Radio when it needed just a touch more emphasis on making the game geniunely fun rather than making it just look fun. However, its high energy and outlandish vision are able to cover up for any holes a finicky gamer like me might find. Ultimately, Jet Grind Radio is another distinctive title from Sega, and one that could define what next generation games are all about.
I was always a big fan of the cell-shaded graphics in this game. They are really quite nice for Dreamcast, while still keeping up a good frame rate. I got this game as a gift, but I don’t think I would have bought it on my own. It is a very hard game and it took me forever to beat. I wouldn’t buy it, I know it’s definitely worth trying. I guess that’s why its on the official Dreamcast demo disk.