Written by  :  MasterMegid (902)
Written on  :  Nov 30, 2007
Platform  :  Dreamcast
Rating  :  4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars

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"I Wanna Take You For A Ride..."-Lyrics from Marvel vs. Capcom 2

The Good

The sequel to the original Marvel vs. Capcom as well as the Street Fighter vs. X-men games, this game had a lot to live up to. Could it be better than those games? Read my review and find out.

In Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes, the space-time continuum has been disrupted. Now the Marvel universe and Capcom universe are merging in to one another. Will the heroes overcome this and save themselves?

The plot in MvC2 is a little silly, and a little loose. It is however a fighting game, so I am not expecting much here. Therefore it is not counted as being a, "bad" aspect of the game.

"Here's one for JJ!"-Spider-man, MvC2-

The fighting is fast and furious. You pick a team of three. Each with there own fighting types: ground, capture, healing, etc. And take on the other teams also composed of three. You can also interchange the fighting styles of each combatant. All have one that they excel at however.

Unlike most Capcom brawlers that utilize six buttons. MvC2 uses four, perfect for the Dreamcast controller. In addition to basics like punch, kick, grab, there is also the ability to switch to any fighter at a time. They are all playable, unlike in the original Marvel vs. Capcom, in which the second fighter was passive. You can also pull off super moves.

"Thumbs up solider!"-Captain America, MvC2-

In order to execute these super moves, you have to wait until your power bar fills. It fills by getting hit, and by pulling off successful attacks. If it fills to level three or higher all the members on your team attack at once. This can devastate an opponent. Furthermore multi-hit combos can also be achieved. I have personally done a 110 hit combo.(It was awesome.-MM-) The higher the combo the more points, the more points the higher your end score.

The gameplay is very flexible, with ground combat as well as aerial combat. It is also great fun, there are a plethora of fighters, 56 in all. You start with 16, and earn points to unlock more. You "spend" the points in the "shop". To earn points you must play the single player game or go head to head in Versus mode. You can also unlock stages, and alternate colors for your heroes to wear.

Heroes range from Spider-man, Ryu, Iron-Man, to more rare and expensive like Captain Commando, and Blackheart.

The graphics in MvC2 are amazing, the Dreamcast enables the arcade perfect quality. With 3D backdrops, and 2D fighters with high quality animations. The Special moves look fantastic and the entire game has excellent lighting effects.

The sprites are huge, and very well detailed.

The sound quality is high, with the voice clips, taunts, and victory trash talking. As well as the sounds of combat.

The music is not as well done. Not it's not good it just sometimes seems out of place.

The Bad

"Let's go bub."-Wolverine, MvC2-

56 fighters are two few. That may seem absurd to some, but there are so many missing fighters. I know that they could not put in every single fighter from the Marvel and Capcom universe, but some of the omissions are odd. Where is The Thing? Or Ghost Rider? Or The Punisher, this is really baffling as Capcom made the excellent Punisher beat-em-up.

And where the hell is Ryu, from the "Breath Of Fire" series?

The A.I. is very cheap. Capcom fighting games are notorious for this.

The end boss is a huge pain in the ass.

The music may not sit well with some. It is basically light jazz. And while it sounds good, it just seems an odd choice for this type of game.

Where is Marvel vs. Capcom 3?

There tends to be and imbalance in fighter strength, but not in the way most fighting games go wrong, Usually the brute fighters are too powerful. Here it seems to be the goofy fighters that are too strong. How is Spider-man gonna be beaten by some jackass cactus man? That's right a cactus man!

The Bottom Line

MvC2 is a very fun game and can be quite addictive. It is one of the best if not the best 2D fighting game out there. And one of the best fighters overall.

Dreamcast fighting fans have to pick this one up. The Dreamcast version is the strongest of all the versions, so you best avoid the PS2 and Xbox versions, unless that is the only way you can play this gem.