Written by  :  AJ Wiley (2)
Written on  :  Oct 15, 2001
Platform  :  Dreamcast

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The Best Fighter of All-Time

The Good

Marvel Vs. Capcom displays gorgeous 2D graphics. While the Dreamcast is perfectly capable of displaying much better, MVC ranks in the top 10 greatest-looking Dreamcast games. The action is fast-paced and there is no slowdown, providing many hours of near-flawless arcade fun. The slew of awesome hyper combo attacks makes for tons of fierce battles with friends. There is no way there could be any more action-packed fun in a fighting game.

The Bad

While MVC looks really pretty, the controls need worked on a bit. Without the use of the controller's analog stick, moving the characters around requires some practice. This is what gets me: If the original arcade version of MVC used only a joystick and some buttons, why not make the Dreamcast version compatible with the DC controller's analog stick? Hmmm....

The Bottom Line

Marvel Vs. Capcom is definitely one to own. Whether you're a Capcom or Marvel enthusiast, a Dreamcast fan, or a fan of the fighting genre, there's something for everyone. This is the closest you can get to an arcade at home without having to spend your life's savings on some bulky machines.