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An excellent sequel to an excellent game Windows James Walter (284)
A minor disappointment Windows Rasmus Jelsgaard (2)
A good game but not worthy of the name Railroad Tycoon 2 Windows Heikki Sairanen (114)
The ultimate follow-up of the ultimate railroad simulation game. Windows Baxter (41)
Just not quite good enough Windows William Shawn McDonie (1183)

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Linux 8 3.5
Macintosh Awaiting 5 votes...
PlayStation 7 3.1
Windows 58 3.9
Combined User Score 73 3.8

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MacintoshMac Game Gate (1999)
A worthy successor to the original, which benefits from following the same evolutionary path which other god games (such as Sim City) have taken, so the essential challenge remains the same. There is something for everyone: steam or diesel, the plains of the US to the mountains of Austria, limited company to full blown cash cow mega-corporation. There are even new maps being posted as I write on the G.o.D. site. It's not for the gamer who spends hours in a darkened room playing quake: no one dies in it. Rather, it's the gaming equivalent of a cerebral crossword: fiendishly difficult, but an absorbing challenge.
WindowsPC Gamer (Feb, 1999)
It’s safe to say that anyone who played and liked the original will be enthralled for hours on end with this new version and those who are unfamiliar with the simple charms of the original will be in for a very pleasant surprise. It’s loaded with more detail, the financial model is much deeper, and the 40 chairmen (computer opponents) play with a convincing and ruthless style. There’s even a multi-player mode that reminds me of playing a game of speed chess and is a whole heap of fun. Besides the difficulty of the campaign game, there’s little here to complain about, other than the fact that conventional strategy gamers may be turned off by the fact that you need to defeat your opponents financially, rather than blowing them up with the latest in high-tech weaponry. Top things off with a map editor (see sidebar) and you have the makings of a game that will stay on your hard drive for a good long time.
WindowsPower Play (Nov, 1998)
Was für ein Spiel! Jetzt wird wohl der Tag heraufdämmern, an dem das alte Railroad Tycoon aus dem Reigen meiner aktuellen Lieblingsspiele in den wohlverdienten Ruhestand versetzt wird. Die neue Version läßt wirklich keine Wünsche offen und ist ein in jeder Hinsicht würdiger Nachfolger. Schon die putzige Optik ist eine wahre Freude (für jung und alt). Wenn die Loks qualmend ihre Fracht durch Wälder und Gebirge schleppen und lange Rauchsäulen von der Geschäftigkeit der heimischen Industrie zeugen, lacht das Herz des Wirtschaftsstrategen. Ein echter Frühlingsanblick! Die hohe Schwierigkeitsstufe dagegen läßt einen so richtig ins Schwitzen kommen. Komplexe Schienennetze und darauf aufbauende wirtschaftliche Verflechtungen fordern den Märklinfreund im Mann bis spät in die Nacht. So müssen Wirtschaftssims im Winter 98/99 einfach aussehen (und aufgebaut sein). Dieses Spiel setzt in seinem Genre den Spielestandard für die nächste Zukunft. Und überhaupt: Güter gehören auf die Bahn.
WindowsGameSpot (Dec 04, 1998)
PopTop has made the difficult look easy. It produced a sequel that eclipses the original in nearly all aspects. Playing Railroad Tycoon II is an emotional experience bringing back memories of Lionel trains and Christmas mornings long past and staring at Lionel catalogs and dreaming. No more arguments with Mom or your spouse over how much of the house has been taken over by your dream layout or how much money you've wasted. With Railroad Tycoon II, all those dreams of childhood can be realized at last.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Dec 03, 1998)
If you are looking for an RTS game with something really different, or if you have an interest in trains, you won’t find a game more appealing than Railroad Tycoon II. I sincerely hope that this title is able to break out into the mainstream market, because there is a lot of talent at PopTop Software, and this game is a perfect example of it. It’s definitely one of the best strategy games I’ve played this year.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Mar, 1999)
RT2 is a nice effort with very high replay value. The game never crashed, the Al plays a pretty tough game (I suspect it cheats to get a fast start, since it always seems to get more loads than I do), and multiplayer mode is a hoot and as vicious as any STARCRAFT game. With so many ways to play RAILROAD TYCOON II, you’re bound to find one that will pull you in and keep you enthralled.
WindowsAttack Games (Feb, 1999)
Railroad Tycoon II är oerhört komplext och tar lång tid att spela, men den tiden är det utan tvekan värt. Det kommer att ge dig många sköna timmars spel i vinterrusket.
WindowsIGN (Oct 27, 1998)
Railroad Tycoon II isn't for everyone. There's not a lot of action here, and even real-time strategy fans may not understand the allure of a resource management game that doesn't let you kill anyone. With that said, if you're a hard core strategy fan who's into world building, you'll have a hard time finding a game that will keep you more entertained than this remarkable product.
WindowsRiki (Nov, 1998)
S takým niečím ako je Railroad Tycoon2 som sa ešte hádam ani nestretol. Dúfam, že práve jeho mohutná komplexnosť nebude kameňom úrazu pre mnohých hráčov. Ubezpečujem vás, že takýto gigant dá zabrať aj skúšenejším medzi nami, kým mu dokážu vniknúť pod kožu. Vo svojom obore ekonomických stratégií je to absolútna špička, ktorá smelo môže konkurovať niečomu takému ako sú SimCity a jeho napodobeniny a vyhrať zároveň o konskú dĺžku. Ale pre majiteľov slabších Pentií a pomalších grafických kariet je to utrpenie.
WindowsGame Over Online (Nov, 1998)
This game is not for everyone, and I would not suggest it if you do not enjoy detail and complex strategy formation. This game requires an extensive amount of time to understand as its realism is unsurpassed by any other strategy game in the same genre.
MacintoshElectric Playground (Jun 12, 1999)
Railroad Tycoon II is a remake of Sid Meier's original and legendary game. Railroad Tycoon is credited with creating the sim genre. PopTop have updated it and brought it to more current standards. At the same time, PopTop have felt that if they were going to justify remaking the game, they had better do more than just add color and better graphics. They have used the power of today's microprocessors to create a very dense economical simulation.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Nov, 1998)
Es gibt nur wenig zu meckern: Ab einer gewissen Zugmenge leidet der Überblick, die futzeligen Menütexte sind ansatzweise augenfeindlich, und auf Dauer kommt etwas Routine ins Spiel. Aber Railroad Tycoon 2 hat viel Flair: Man baut und baut und baut – und plötzlich ist es 3 Uhr morgens. Liebhaber von friedlichen Expansionsspielen und Fans des Vorgängers sollten sofort auf diesen Zug aufspringen.
WindowsPower Unlimited (Nov, 1998)
Een goede opvolger en dat zonder Sid. Meer kleuren, meer opties en meer gameplay maken RT 2 tot een uitdagende game. Met name de verbeterde grafische kwaliteit is een verademing en voor treinliefhebbers is het helemaal kwijlen. Tjoeketjoekepufpuf!
PlayStationVideo Games (Feb, 2000)
Ein Spiel nach meinem Geschmack! Was anfangs noch ruhig und besinnlich beginnt, artet bei wachsendem Einsatzgebiet in strategische Schwerstarbeit aus. Welche Güter müssen wohin transportiert werden, wie lässt sich der Fahrplan optimieren, welche Lok nehme ich für welche Strecke...? Schon nach wenigen Stunden wisst ihr nicht mehr, wo euch der Kopf steht. Nur wer berechnend und mit Geduld spielt, kommt zum Ziel – wer zu schnell expandiert, bleibt auf der Strecke. Railroad Tycoon wird euch über Monate beschäftigen und so schnell nicht langweilig werden. Warum gibt’s nicht mehr von dem Stoff auf Konsolen?
WindowsPrivat Computer PC (1999)
Railroad Tycoon II er dog ikke den perfekte opfølger, f.eks. kan man ikke lave tunneler eller broer over slugter.
WindowsGaming Entertainment Monthly (Feb 07, 1999)
The industry buzz is that RT2 is an instant classic (whatever that means). Our take is that the game is a solid effort that falls a couple of foothills short of Mount Olympus. To meander metaphorically, RT2 is broader than the original and deeper in some areas but shallower in others. The problem is that a couple of the shallows are barely ankle-deep. RT2 is certainly enjoyable; the environment is well-crafted, stylish and immersive. With a little added flavor for gameplay and AI, RT2 could have been a seven-course banquet. As it is, the game will appeal solidly to the beer and pretzels crowd but may leave the strategy gourmet awaiting the next meal.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (Dec 31, 1998)
Eigenlijk is het spel buiten enkele nieuwe opties en betere graphics niet zoveel verschillend van z'n voorganger. Dit zal de fans echter er niet van weerhouden om zich met deze RRT2 eens duchtig uit te leven.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation (Mar, 2000)
Railroad Tycoon II is the follow-up to the hit PC game, ported over to the Playstation console. Gamers will get to experience just what it must feel like to own and operate their very own railroad company. You will be responsible for all of the day to day operations of your fledging business and even get to roll your sleeves up and place tracks and select and maintain your trains. Heck, you can even commandeer a bulldozer and start knocking over trees and leveling the ground…but beware, everything costs money…BIG money. The graphics are certainly not groundbreaking and the sound effects and music were a bit off for my tastes but they do the job and assist this tasty little package into coming together rather nicely. For 'sim' nuts this is a great game to pick up and lose yourself in, for all others I would recommend a rental first to see if you like this sort of thing.
WindowsPC Player (Germany) (Nov, 1998)
Geniestreiche verdienen eine ehrfurchtsvolle Behandlung, dachte sich wohl Poptop Software. Deren Neuauflage des bahnbrechenden Eisenbahn-Klassikers verfügt über eine verschwenderische Edel-Präsentation, mit innovativen Neuerungen wurde jedoch gegeizt.
WindowsGames Finder (Oct 05, 2013)
Railroad Tycoon II is definitely a must play for tycoon fans and will push you to the limits in the harder difficulties if you want a real challenge.
MacintoshmacHOME (1998)
That is not to say that this expansion pack is flavorless. There’s plenty here to keep you busy, and lots of new and inspired touches. However, none of the new items really stands out: rather, the combination of all the new assets form a comfortable and deeply satisfying whole. So if you’ve got some electric trains in the basement, or you find yourself drooling over the Lionel sets at the local hobby shop, you’ll definitely want to check out Railroad Tycoon II and The Second Century. Together they’ll make for a virtually endless supply of sleepless nights due to highly addictive gameplay.
MacintoshAll Game Guide (1999)
Railroad Tycoon II is a very complex and engaging game. Full appreciation of the game's depth may take a while especially if the single player campaign is bypassed but, after any significant time investment is spent playing this gem, the hours will build up due to its addictive nature.
WindowsThunderbolt Games (Aug 09, 2008)
Railroad Tycoon 2 is perhaps the best example of the tycoon genre before it all went crazy with prisons, cruise ships and shopping malls featuring in budget cash-ins. There’s online play if you can find someone else to play with (a bit tricky this long on from release) and an expansion pack that adds new flavour campaigns and scenarios with which to contend with should you exhaust the original options. It’s ten years old, but like a fine wine it has aged incredibly well.
MacintoshMac Gamer (1999)
If you like trains or elaborate simulations, this game is for you! I recommend this game to anyone who likes "Sim City" or "3D Railroad Concept and Design." It definitely pitches to the intellectual side, so if your taste tends toward first person shooters, you might be suicidally bored. It is a bit pricey at 49.95 street, so try out the free demo first.
MacintoshAppleLinks.Com (Jul 01, 1999)
If you're a lover of the railroad, sims, big business or history, then Railroad Tycoon II is sure to provide you with countless hours of sweaty, dusty, rivet pounding enjoyment. Even if this isn't your idea of an enjoyable afternoon, the game still may be worth a look. Just make sure you've got plenty of time on your hands. After all, the B&O wasn't built in a day.
PlayStationGameSpot (Feb 23, 2000)
Railroad Tycoon II gives you the responsibility of running your own railroad and charges you with the task of turning a tiny company into a powerful empire. Although it is a somewhat simplified version of its PC brother, the objective of the PlayStation version can be just as daunting. Not only must you worry about laying track, managing stations, hauling cargo, and keeping your trains running, but you must also keep an eye on the stock market and maintain the country's economy. All of this translates into one immersive experience, as Railroad Tycoon II successfully re-creates the burdened feeling the owners of actual railroads must have felt.
PlayStationMega Fun (Feb, 2000)
Nach langsam auftretenden Entzugserscheinungen bin ich froh, wieder eine brauchbare Wirtschaftssimulation in den Fingern zu haben. In Sachen Technik unterscheidet sich auch Railroad Tycoon 2 nicht von den anderen Vertretern des Genres. Eine simple isometrische Grafik und ein paar Tutffuff-Geräusche lassen auch diese WiSim ziemlich blass aussehen. Die Stärken liegen allerdings im spielerischen Bereich. Eine saubere und einfache Bedienung sowie die übersichtlichen Dialoge legen den Grundstein für die relativ simpel gestrickte, wenn auch im Detail sehr komplexe Simulation. Vor allem die teilweise sehr knifflige Kampagne reizt mächtig. Leider lässt sich ein Spiel nur zwischen den Levels abspeichern. Bei fünf bis sechs Stunden pro Mission ist das zu wenig. Trotz der Kritik hat Take 2 gute Arbeit geleistet. Weiter so!
WindowsPC Joker (Dec, 1998)
Und die Steuerung hat ebenfalls Macken: Da durch Ziehen mit der Maus stets die direkte statt der (in punkto Höhenunterschiede) optimalen Strecke bepflastert wird, trifft man häufig nur mühsam den richtigen Anschluß an bereits bestehende Abschnitte. Das irgendwann anstehende Umrüsten eines riesigen Verkehrsnetzes mit elektrischen Oberleitungen kostet so viel Zeit und Nerven. Nur gut, daß man nach Anhalten der in zehn Stufen regulierbaren Echtzeit in aller Ruhe agieren darf. Und das ist trotz der angesprochenen Mängel recht unterhaltsam.
WindowsGry OnLine (Sep 14, 2001)
Nasza wycieczka dobiegła końca. Zanim jednak się pożegnam, mam do Państwa maleńką prośbę. Odwiedzajcie mnie tak często jak tylko możecie. Zawsze znajdę dla Was czas i chętnie pojadę w kolejną podróż koleją. Czeka tu bowiem na Was bogaty świat lokomotyw i wagonów, miast i miasteczek, oraz pasażerów i towarów, które muszą dotrzeć do miejsca swego przeznaczenia. Wśród nich znajduje się małe pudełko zawierające dwie srebrne płytki, jakąś gazetę lub instrukcję i żelazny kubeczek z napisem „Railroad Tycoon II”. Kubeczek ten czeka na prawdziwych Magnatów Kolejowych, do których grona z pewnością mogę Was już teraz zaliczyć.
MacintoshSpel för Alla (Jan, 2000)
Railroad Tycoon II är inget spel du lär dig på ett par timmar. Vill du lyckas med de lite svårare uppdragen krävs det att du spelar ett par dagar för att få kontroll på alla möjligheter. Du som är otålig riskerar att tröttna på vägen men för den riktige strategen är detta guld, här finns stora möjligheter till att planera och utföra sin strategi till punkt och pricka med ett förhoppningsvis lyckat resultat. Vi andra får låta oss imponeras av den omfattande detaljrikedomen.
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Nov, 1998)
Wie das Eisenbahnfahren selbst wendet sich auch Railraod Tycoon II in erster Linie an phlegmatische Menschen. Wer keine Überraschungen mag, in stabilen Volkswirtschaften arbeiten will und mehrere Tage in einziges Spiel investieren kann, wird mit Railroad Tycoon II bestens bedient. Die Vielfalt dieser Wirtschaftssimulation ist allerdings arg beschränkt: Trotz der vielen Ressourcen und Produktionsanlagen hat man kaum Möglichkeiten, mit originellen Strategien den (als ernstzunehmenden Gegner leider viel zu trägen) Computer zu überraschen. Bei Transport Tycoon oder Der Industriegigant wird ein ambitionierter Manager weitaus mehr Unterhaltung finden.
65 (May 16, 2000)
Les fans de la série des Tycoons seront peut être séduits par ce dernier opus, mais il est cependant à réserver aux vrais passionnés du genre. La durée de vie (en partie artificielle à cause de l’absence de sauvegardes) et l’intérêt des campagnes n’arrivent pas à rattraper la réalisation médiocre et l’austérité de l’ensemble.
PlayStationPSM (Apr, 2000)
All in all, Gearhead has done a very good job porting the game over, but one big worry is the quality of the text. The writing is very difficult to read and in this kind of game, that's a big problem, because there's so much of it. Also, the graphics, which were one of the best features of the PC game, are very ropy here - particularly considering it's mostly 2D sprites on unambitious polygonal terrain - and can have annoyingconsequences in the game, such as the inability to judge gradients easily. Despite this, however, Railroad Tycoon proves to be an absorbing and enjoyable game for sim fans.
PlayStationIGN (Feb 11, 2000)
I know I've drawn comparisons to the PC version in every category, from sound to graphics, and that's mainly because RRT2 PC set a great benchmark for what a genre-specific sim could offer for both fans of the genre, and casual gamers alike. That's why I was so disappointed in the PlayStation port. It's not that the game itself is horrible, or that it has lost the depth or charm of the PC version, it's that all this great gameplay is buried under a horrible graphic and aural presentation. Face it, there's no reason to get this game if you've got a PC -- and if you're reading this right now, you've got a PC (and yes, it's on the Mac too). The gameplay is there, but only if you squint.
40 (UK) (Apr 21, 2000)
Mastering Railroad Tycoon 2 will take a great deal of time and patience. The game mechanics are deep enough to allow several different ways to complete the objectives, but with no in-game save option the scenarios must be completed all in one sitting and empires constructed in the Scenario mode cannot be saved at all. It’s clear early on that games like this are better suited to the PC, you shouldn’t even consider this game if you’ve got a home computer around that’s capable of playing the original. Even wannabe micro-managers without a PC should check their requirements before picking this game up, Theme Park World is a far superior example for the Playstation, but of course that’s not got trains. If you’re a Playstation owning train fanatic then you’ll be able to look past the limitations, and love this game to bits, otherwise look elsewhere for your megalomaniac management thrills.