Fans familiar with Record of the Lodoss War as an anime series and OAV will probably get a lot more out of it than those who don't. The game plays as a kind of side-quest or retelling of the Lodoss War (the series and the OAV are different tellings of it also from one another) that takes place centering around a certain character from the anime sources who many people thought was dead.

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Record of Lodoss War for Dreamcast is the latest entry in the legendary medieval fantasy saga created by the Japanese novelist Ryo Mizuno.

Starting out as a series of novels that chronicled the love story of a human knight wanna-be and a female elf sorcerer amidst your typical epic fantasy war, the Record of Lodoss War saga has expanded to comics, tv series, etc. being the most well-known incarnation the late 80s OVA cult series that became famous for being one of the first animated fantasy epics to include a now legendary orchestrated soundtrack.

Legend also has it that the saga took it's roots from a failed console rpg that Mr. Mizuno was working on. Apparently he was hired as a "creative guru" of a japanese attempt at bringing D&D to the videogame world, unfortunately the game got canned but instead of sitting into all the mythos and stories he had created Mizuno expanded them into his novels.

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