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Resident Evil: Code: Veronica (Dreamcast)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

User Reviews

Crap! Kate Jones (453) unrated

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.7
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.6
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.9
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.5
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.1
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 4.0
Overall User Score (47 votes) 4.0

Critic Reviews

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Gamers' Republic
This is still pure Resident Evil, but despite any similarities, not once does the game seem stale or uninspired. With the power of Dreamcast and the powerful imaginations of the Sega design team - this is the first RE game developed outside Capcom - every quality that has made this series tower over ordinary games has been heightened, honed, expanded. My heart pounds when the mini-Tyrants extend their elastic arms to the balcony I'm walking on, launching themselves across the screen. My hair bristles when I walk across a steel grating and look down at a decaying figure bound and gagged in a dungeon, its exposed heart pounding in its bloody chest. my eyes soak in the surroundings. And I think to myself: this is why I love video games.
The Video Game Critic
The camera angles are fixed, so you can't look around freely. The sound and music are easily the best in the series. Zombie groans will send chills down your spine, and the ominous music really adds to the creepy atmosphere. I liked how your health is displayed on the VMU, so there are no meters cluttering up the screen. The rumble pack is also used to good effect. Horror fans, it doesn't get much better than this.
Game industry News (GiN)
Am I going too far with the bad voices, or is it enough to ruin a darn good game? Personally I don't think it does, because the atmosphere of Code Veronica, as well as the gorgeous engine, and its long quest, make Resident Evil: Code Veronica the worthy successor to a series that I used to hate. Now any game that can do that automatically qualifies for a perfect 5 GiN Gems.
What could be better than the first time you played a Resident Evil game? The first time you play Resident Evil on a next generation system. Resident Evil: Code Veronica brings Capcom’s world famous survival horror series to the Dreamcast. Mutilated zombies, desperate humans, and homicidal maniacs never looked so beautiful. In RE:CV everything, right down to the cockroaches and rats that roam around beneath your feat, is rendered beautifully. Coupled with some notable improvements in game design and play, and longer than its predecessors, RE:CV is the most satisfying installment in the series so far.
Gaming Age
When I first played through the demo of Resident Evil: Code Veronica, I was impressed with the opening movie and the level of detail on the in-game rendered characters. What did not impress me was the gameplay I sampled; I felt I had done it all before. Sure, I got a couple of semi-automatic weapons that could auto-target two enemies at once, but it hardly made up for the lack of innovation. Of course, that was the demo. Now that I've taken the time to play through the complete version, my opinion of this title has skyrocketed.
Gaming Target
Resident Evil Code: Veronica is a MUST BUY if you own a Dreamcast. If you don't own this game, sell that copy of Superman 64 and Duel Hero's to buy this puppy. You won't be disappointed. This is one of the few games that get my special seal of approval as a game you will love. I'm the type of person who trades in my games for the next best thing after beating them, as testament to the game's greatness it still sits on my shelf. All I have to say is "Thank you Capcom, may I please have another?"
Resident Evil Code: Veronica se convierte en la mejor aventura de terror de DC gracias a su apartado técnico y su historia.
El mejor Resident Evil de la Historia. Y yo diría también el mejor juego para un jugador que he jugado jamás. Tiene una capacidad de adicción fuera de lo normal. Tienen un guión y una calidad técnica excelente. Es un juego en el que no sabes lo que te puede acarrear abrir la siguiente puerta. Y tiene unas secuencias de animación generadas en tiempo real, que son casi continuas, que se te queda la boca abierta. Y da miedo, que es un Resident Evil sin su miedo, miedo de verdad, tienes monstruos y zombis que salen de todas partes, tienes personajes en la historia, tienes acertijos y puzzles en su justo nivel de dificultad. Además de todo esto, el juego como he dicho antes viene subtitulado al castellano, para que no tengamos que dar ningún cursillo acelerado de ingles para enterarnos de que va "el terror".
Resident Evil: Code Veronica (Biohazard: Code Veronica in Japan) isn't the game you might expect from the company that made the survival horror genre what it is today.... It's better. Sure, the team at Capcom used the power of the Dreamcast to deliver what is easily the most visually impressive title bearing the Resident Evil name. However, no one could have guessed that Code Veronica would also be a step above all of its predecessors in almost every aspect, while still holding true to the established Resident Evil formula that we've all come to know and love.
Planet Dreamcast
Code Veronica is the best single-player game I have played. Now that I've finished this review, I'm going to turn out the lights, unplug the phone, and play this till I pass out. Trust me: go buy this game!
Gameplay RPG
Capcom remet de l'ordre dans les archives du Survival Horror et entretient avec intérêt son statut de référence du genre.
Game Chronicles
Almost everyone who has bought a SEGA Dreamcast since last September has been waiting for one game: Resident Evil Code: Veronica, and now that it has arrived I can honestly say it was more than any of us could have imagined and certainly worth the wait.
The Resident Evil series has finally arrived on Dreamcast with a brand new adventure called Code Veronica. Capcom have spent several years developing the title, which has been one of the most anticipated Dreamcast titles to date. The game has finally made it's way to Australia thanks to Eidos who are now distributing many Capcom titles since the demise of Virgin.
Video Games
(PAL version)
Wer jetzt noch keinen Dreamcast hat bzw. immer noch stur auf die PAL-PS2 wartet, dem ist nicht mehr zu helfen. Einen besseren Grund für den Kauf als diesen Meilenstein des Survival-Horror-Genres wird es nicht mehr geben. Capcom hat in Code: Veronica wirklich alles fast perfekt gemacht. Durch die Echtzeit-3D-Umgebungen in 128-Bit-Qualität anstatt der zwar hübschen, aber vorgerenderten, statischen PS-Räumlichkeiten lebt das Grauen erstmals richtig. Die verblüffend packende Storyline (kein Vergleich mit Resident Evil 3 Nemesis) und einem der besten Soundtracks überhaupt sorgen für ein Weltklasse-Spielerlebnis – sofern ihr euch gerne gruselt.
Power Unlimited
Code Veronica is meer van hetzelfde maar tegelijk tien keer zo indrukwekkend omdat de graphics zo mooi zijn. Ook het verhaal is uitstekend en daarom is Code Veronica een absolute muts-buy voor Dreamcast bezitters. Sterker, Resident Evil fans raad ik aan alleen al voor dit spel een Dreamcast in huis te halen.
Few titles have the honor of saying that they were the "first" to invoke a particular emotion from a gamer. Some, such as Atari's Asteroids, got my adrenaline flowing. Others like Duck Hunt and its snickering dog made me angry, and Castle of Illusion was one of the first games that made me smile with absolute wonder. But the first game to leave me scared $#!%less? Without question, that honor is reserved by many a gamer for none other than Capcom's Resident Evil. I can still remember the first time the dogs broke through the window. The first time I saw that fabled cut scene where the blood-hungry zombie gave me that "come hither" stare. The first time I ran off the balcony away from the crows that I could almost feel nipping at my eyes just as they had my ex-partners. Creepy. It was this mix of mortality and digitally-induced reality that has helped Chris and Co. carve out a permanent place in the hearts and worst nightmares of millions of video game enthusiasts.
Mega Fun
Wer sich als Resident-Evil-Fan bezeichnet und noch keinen Dreamcast sein Eigen nennt, wird an dieser Investition nicht vorbei kommen. Mit Resident Evil Code: Veronica ist es Capcom gelungen, sich selbst zu übertreffen. Kein anderes Horror-Adventure zuvor schaffte es, eine durchweg spannende Story mit genialem Gameplay. klasse Rätseln, gigantischem Umfang und optimaler Spielbarkeit so gut zu verknüpfen wie dieser Titel. Sicherlich mag der ein oder andere Probleme mit der Kameraperspektive haben, jedoch macht genau diese das fantastische Resident-Evil-Flair aus, welches die Videospielgemeinde schon seit nunmehr fünt Jahren hintereinander nächtelang erst vor die PlayStation und jetzt sogar vor den Dreamcast lockt. Weiter so, Capcom!
Game Revolution
When the Umbrella Corporation had its Initial Public Offering (IPO) a couple years ago, it seemed like a great investment opportunity. Here was a highly publicized, up-and-coming high tech company with a unique focus: combining video games and biotechnology. Sure enough, just like E-Bay and Amazon.com, the stock price soared. However, also just like E-Bay and Amazon.com, their plan for making money seems to be slightly flawed.
Video Games
Die mitreißende Storyline, der beachtliche Umfang, die frischen neuen Schauplätze, die Overall-Atmosphäre, gute englische Sprecher sowie das First-Person-Bonus-Game, das das sowieso missglückte PS-Gun Survivor gänzlich überflüssig macht, positionieren das DC-Debut der Serie aber klar auf Platz Eins (siehe auch Deathmatch) Im Survival-Horror-Bereich, wenn man dem ersten Resident Evil mal seines Novum-Bonus beraubt. Summa summarum: Ein packender System-Seller erster Güte, der neben Soul Calibur und Crazy Taxi in jede Dreamcast-Sammlung gehört. Leute mit Japano-Text-Phobie bzw. PAL-Cut-Phobie (die deutsche Version wird erneut über Eidos kommen) warten auf die ca. einen Monat später erscheinende US-Version.
Lens of Truth
REC:V was the first RE not to be built for the Sony. Capcom created the game specifically for the Dreamcast. Although some problems arose the game was finally released in 2000 one year after RE 3. Code: Veronica brings in my opinion the best RE adventure to date. It may not have the action of RE 4 or the initial shock value of the first RE, but the story, gameplay, and Alfred Ashford make this game a true treasure.
GamePro (US)
For any survival horror fan looking for something mind-blowingly gorgeous to play, Code Veronica is all yours. It's everything you've come to expect from Resident Evil, combined with everything you've come to expect from the Dreamcast, and the combination is glorious.
PGNx Media
A new horror game... for the Dreamcast? That don't sound right. Initially, yes, that will be your initial reaction to this. What the? They put the game on the Dreamcast? How am I supposed to play it then? Well, for fifteen months, that question was on everyone's mind as the game absolutely tore it up on the review end. Now, looking back, I still find REC:V to be a truly wonderful experience. The gameplay returned to the right balance and it had all the right mechanics and bells and whistles that the opus, RE2, had. With a very twisted story and fascinating environments taking place over two continents, the basics were set in stone.
El mejor Resident de todos, tanto por la historia como por la duración y el excelente apartado técnico. Sus dos GDs dan para mucho y es una de las mejores aventuras de Dreamcast que no te puedes perder por nada del mundo.
Podsumowując - Resident Evil Code:Veronica to najlepszy survival horror na Dreamcasta, a może nawet najlepszy klasyczny Resident. Gra łączy wyśmienitą grafikę i dobre udźwiękowienie (pomijając dubbing) z emocjonującą i satysfakcjonującą rozgrywką. Jest to jedna z ważniejszych pozycji w bibliotece Dreamcasta i śmiało mogę ja polecić każdemu, nie tylko wielbicielom horrorów.
Une très sensible amélioration graphique permet de prévoir des prochains Resident Evil plus beaux et plus effrayants mais une jouabilité qui vieillit aussi, n'offrant que peu d'alternative. Code Veronica reste un pur moment d'aventure teinté d'action.
Gameplay RPG
Donc, même si ce dernier n'est pas une perfection en soi, ils proposent d'excellentes idées qui le rendent unique. Il est évident que tous les possesseurs de Dream vont se précipiter dessus dès sa sortie, mais ne l'attendez pas comme le meilleur de série ou le sauveur de la Dream en France.
Packaged as a two-CD title, Code: Veronica is perhaps Capcom’s biggest horror survival episode to date, making legitimate use of its two discs rather than offering a disappointingly similar experience with a different character on the second CD. Refrain from selecting the lowest difficulty level and Capcom’s latest should provide several evenings of entertainment, while a fair bundle of bonuses encourages subsequent play. Surprising, menacing and consistently enthralling, this cements the series’ reputation as the undisputed genre leader.
Super Play (Sweden)
Capcom ska ha en slags eloge för att de har vidgat sina vyer och breddat tänkandet i skapandet av ett skräckspel så som de har gjort. Förbi är tiden med förutsägbar fasa. Det känns tacksamt nog som att teamet bakom Resident Evil: Code Veronica aldrig vill att man ska känna sig helt säker i sin TV-soffa, för de har lagt till ytterligare en dimension i överraskningsmomenten. Som spelare invaggas man ibland i falsk säkerhet. Först är det lugnt och stilla, därefter luras man att tro att det ska komma något hemskt genom att en tung stämning byggs upp. Men det hemska uteblir och man lugnar ned sig... Då slår de till, hårt och skoningslöst. Alltså, spela inte Resident Evil: Code Veronica om du inte är säker på att du har nerver nog att klara av det. För det här spelet kräver starka nerver.
Scénario haletant, ambiance angoissante, réalisation 3D remarquable, jouabilité exemplaire L'apparition de ce premier épisode inédit sur Dreamcast est une réussite en tous points. Seul le manque de démarcation vis à vis de ses prédécesseurs 32 bits est à regretter. Un jeu qu'il convient tout de même de conseiller puisqu'il montre une nouvelle facette de la saga, et non la moindre ! Aussi spectaculaire, beaucoup plus belle et suggestive, cette nouvelle oeuvre constitue sans le moindre doute une des meilleures expériences de la série. Le frisson n'attend plus que vous, alors plongez !
Defunct Games
Though, as disappointing as Code Veronica is, there are so few survival horror games on the Dreamcast to enjoy. Resident Evil has seen better days, but never looked better (except for the PlayStation 2 version). And if you really MUST buy all the Resident Evil's you can't go wrong with this version. But if you're expecting something better than what you've seen on the PlayStation then you'll likely be deeply disappointed. Flawed, but still pretty good.
Game Critics
The rise of chemical photography in the 1800s had a profound effect on the fine arts. While some painters embraced its use as a tool and aid, others thought it represented the impending demise of realistic or representational art. Although no one could deny the phenomenal ability of contemporary masters like Courbet or Corot to capture an essence of reality on canvas, nothing could match the scientific authenticity and objectivity of the photograph. Though academically debatable, many felt that this crisis of creative identity forced many artists to either embrace photography or redefine art away from the representational and towards the conceptual. The latter brought forth a new non-objective way of thinking that will ultimately lead to such styles as cubism, surrealism, and abstract expressionism (to name a few).
Like many artists in the 1800s, Capcom needs to decide what kind of art they want to actually make. Do they want to make a fantasy-like game where mysticism and magic can circumvent everyday logic or are they trying to make a game that strives to mimic reality as closely as possible? In order for Code: Veronica to work, the developers need to take more of stand in one direction, then fuse the visuals and the gameplay to match that direction. As for the way it stands now, I think my girlfriend put it best as she sat in on one of my gaming sessions with Code: Veronica. She quickly observed "Why can't you just climb over that fence since the door is locked?" That's a good question that I'll leave developers to ponder.