Roadsters Credits (Dreamcast)

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Roadsters Credits

For Player 1

Lead DesignerGeorge Weising
DesignerJim Callans
Lead ArtistDouglas W. Cope
ArtistsMike Dudley, Susan Townsend, Mathew Weathers, Arkham Graphics
Lead ProgrammerTakashi Kurosaki
ProgrammersJim Schuler, Kevin White, David Shattuck
Lead TesterJared Baierschmidt
TestersNoah Andrade, Michael Bell-Rao, Greg Detrich, William Liou
Executive ProducerHolly A. Hirzel
CEOMarc Jackson
Special thanks toKevin VanAllen Hunt, Dan Kollmorgen, Mike Fisher, Cliff Duyn, John Pearson, Heather Dunkin

For Titus

Executive ProducersEric Caen, Hervé Caen
ProducerJean Charles Méthiaz
Production AssistantKarine Cohen Solal
QA SupervisorThomas Baillet
Original ConceptRob Stevens

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (200314)