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Mega Fun (May, 2000)
Weder technisch noch spielerisch ist Roadsters ein Highlight. In meinen Augen hat dieser Racer zwei Probleme: Er hat weder das Flair eines Ridge Racer noch bietet er den Fahrspaß eines Sega Rally. Auf die Dauer macht Roadsters schlichtweg keinen Spaß. Darüber können auch die variierenden Strecken und der Championship-Modus nicht hinwegtäuschen.
NowGamer (Jul 07, 2000)
When you’ve got polygon-crunching games like Sega GT and V-Rally 2 on their way, there’s no room for a game that has such lame graphics and chugging frame rates as this does. Sure there’s loads going on on-screen – there are eight cars on the track plus natural disasters that occur to spice up the action – but that’s no excuse for some truly lacklustre graphics that are about as gorgeous as a dog’s arse. Worse still is the handling of the cars, and the combined effect of the two on the gameplay is simply game-destroying. However the greatest irony of the game lies with the disasters that occur around the various courses as they all too readily reflect the game as a whole – i.e. a total disaster.
Early versions of Titus' racer Roadster featured logos proclaiming the game's title as Dream Roadster. Well, those logos are gone from the final copy, and, unfortunately, so is the Dream. The stark reality of the situation is the Dreamcast has itself another competent, if rather uninspired, driving game to add to its ever-growing pile.
Video Games (Jul, 2000)
Wer auch nur das geringste Faible für Rennspiele hat, sollte einen großen Bogen um Roadsters machen. Weder die weit unter den Fähigkeiten des DC liegende Grafik noch das frustrierende Fahrverhalten rechtfertigen in geringster Weise den Kauf dieses Produkts. Verglichen mit Perlen wie Speed Devils und dem hervorragenden 4 Wheels Thunder zieht Roadsters zu deutlich den Kürzeren.
IGN (Mar 27, 2000)
I had high hopes for Roadsters. A casual fan of Speed Devils and other classic arcade wheelers like Hard Drivin', I wanted it to be something special but this isn't it. Easter eggs and secrets aside, there's not much to hold your interest after the first few races. Plus, it's graphically horrendous and ergonomically frustrating. It's time to start praying that Bizarre Creations' upcoming Metropolis and Midways 4-Wheel follow-up to Hydro Thunder don't suffer the same fate. Do yourself a favor, and race somewhere else.
GameSpot (Apr 11, 2000)
With games like Crazy Taxi and Speed Devils vying for your arcade-racing dollar, Roadsters falls way behind the pack, finishing somewhere in the "one-night rental" category. Totally unrealistic physics, generic track design, and a vehicle list devoid of anything but topless roadsters make this a game to be avoided by the casual arcade-racing fan.
Gamers' Republic (Apr, 2000)
I've said it before, and now I'm forced to say it again: The Dreamcast has too many driving games. Though I could stomach a steady stream of Sega Rallys and Sega GTs to no end, few games are of this caliber, and the end result is a vast sea of mediocre to good racers. The Dreamcast version of Roadsters falls somewhere between good and mediocre, strong in places, off in others.
Planet Dreamcast (Mar 24, 2000)
Roadsters DC has the look and feel of a game that was rushed to market before it was truly ready. Did the marketers get to it? To paraphrase HG Wells' "War of the Worlds, "... intellects vast. cool and unsympathetic, regarded this game with envious eyes, and slowly and surely drew their plans against it." But how did Titus bamboozle Sega of America, which recently changed its name to Sega of America Dreamcast to reflect its commitment to quality, into approving for distribution a game that resembles "Road Apples" more than "Roadsters"? Perhaps we'll never know. And perhaps it's better that way.
Generally when I play a game, regardless of how poor it is, I can find a couple of points good enough to warrant more playing time. Roadsters happens to be an exception to this rule. Everything about this title made it seem like it was a beta that was being sent out to test instead of a full game.
The Video Game Critic (Sep 16, 2014)
Roadsters is an utter atrocity and I just want it to die in a fire.