Skies of Arcadia Screenshots (Dreamcast)

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Dreamcast version

Title screen
Intro: Aika
Intro: Vyse
Intro: assorted bad guys
Intro: Fina
Pirate Island, near a save point
Status screen (Spanish version)
First-person perspective makes the game world even more immersive. Check out the view from high above
Valuan ship. Note the "steampunk" design
Regular battle. Targeting enemy
"We won, we won!" :)
Vyse enjoys awesome graphical effects while climbing the ladder
Boss battle. Vyse attacks!
Aika heals Vyse
Vyse executes one of his special moves
Pirate ship interior. Note the detailed graphics
Ship navigation. Ahh, the adventure...
Now *that's* how you make an entrance!
You'll sometimes be able to make dialogue choices.
Arcadia consists of floating islands with the skies as their seas.
Shop interface.
The mysterious girl central to the adventure.
Roaming around a friendly town.