Written by  :  Classic Nigel (150)
Written on  :  Oct 14, 2006
Platform  :  Dreamcast
Rating  :  4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars

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Sonic's Glorious Return!

The Good

The Year is 1999 Sonic that little blue hedgehog who stole everyone’s heart’s back in 1990 has been absent for 5 years with no new Sonic game appearing on the Sega Saturn which probably partially led to its failure but now as a Dreamcast launch game Sonic is back! In full 3d! But did Sonic suffer the same fate as all 2d platformer to 3d transition except for Mario?

You may be pleased to hear it does turn out well being faithful to the old Sonics with the same action packed levels as Sonic but other characters have different game types Tails must race sonic through levels which I don’t care for personally but at least its different Knuckles must do a scavenger hunt for pieces of the shattered master emerald Amy must evade a robot trying to steal a birdie from her so Robotnik can take it a turn it into a robot two new characters being Big The Cat and E-102 in Big the Cat’s levels you must Fish… What? For Froggy his friend who has swallowed a chaos emerald which leads to E-102 who works for Eggman(Robotnik) and soon works to help Sonic and friends in all this chaos you may be asking what is the overall plot to this game well.

Eggman has come upon a creature called Chaos who feeds on chaos emeralds and grows bigger eggman wants the use Chaos to destroy Station Square and make Robotnikland and Sonic decides to stop him by collecting the emeralds first along the game you discover Chaos’s true identity and why Robotnik’s meddling was a big mistake even for him.

In between missions Sonic and friends can explore Station Square and the mystic ruins for items, routed to new levels and upgrade to your character, The music and sound effects in this game are great and wonderful action sequences like running down the side of a building or getting chased by a whale.

The Bad

Since the final Super Sonic game requires you to beat all characters campaigns some people will never finish the game because of Tail’s levels and Big’s levels and the games camera can make sticking a landing and seeing what you are doing.

The Bottom Line

This game is a great return of Sonic and should be played by all Sonic fans and any one looking for a good action thrill.