Written by  :  MegaMegaMan (2285)
Written on  :  Nov 11, 2004
Platform  :  Dreamcast
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Really it depends on what console you play it on.

The Good

OK I'm writing this for the Dreamcast version because it's the best version. Let me start by telling you about the games quality on each console.

Dreamcast- Really fun, good graphics lots of replay value. Windows- A little below DC in quality but basically the same. Nintendo- Almost unbearable, bad graphics, crappy control on the N64 controller. Playstation- ARGHHHHHH Horrible graphics. So bad the blur makes this version almost unplayable.

OK now that that is taken care of I'll start about the good parts of the game. Lots and I mean LOTS of un-lockable characters, Trey Parker and Matt Stone supply all the voices which is great. The championship mode is fun and has lots of great levels.

The Bad

Multiplayer is crap, once everything is unlocked it gets boring, a few maps are used over again.

The Bottom Line

Everything depends on what version you play. If you have Dreamcast or a computer get it on one of them, if you only have Playstation and N64 AVOID THIS GAME AT ALL COSTS!