Solomon's Key for the NES was released in Japan on this day in 1986.

Star Wars: Demolition (Dreamcast)

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Star Wars: Demolition Credits

Designed and Developed by

Luxoflux Corp.Adrian Stephens, Peter Morawiec, Cary Hara, Edvard Toth, David Goodrich, Justin Rasch, Micah Linton, Khang Pham
Dreamcast Art UpdateJeremy Engleman

LucasArts Entertainment

Production ManagerMichael Gallo
Project Writer / ResearcherW. Haden Blackman
Lead Testers / Gameplay ConsultantsAlex Neuse, Andy Alamano
Testers / Gameplay ConsultantsBrian Finoki, Maximillian Alexander Roghi, David Felton
Original Star Wars music composed byJohn T. Williams
Additional Music Composition and ArrangementsDavid Levison
Sound DesignersJory K. Prum, Michael Frayne, David Levison, Clint Bajakian
Voice Effects ProcessingDavid Wayne Collins
Sound Department ManagerJeff Kliment
Sound Department CoordinatorMalena Slettom
Original Star Wars Sound EffectsBen Burtt
Producer / Director: VoiceDarragh O'Farrell
Associate Voice DirectorW. Haden Blackman
Voice Production SupervisorPeggy Bartlett
Voice EditorsCindy F. Wong, Hans Larson
Voice CastClint Bajakian (Jabba, Boushh, Battle Droid), Grey DeLisle (Ghia, Jabba's Announcer, Tia), Jess Harnell (Darth Maul, Malakili), Tom Kane (Bib Fortuna, Boba Fett, General Otto, Lobot), Holt McCallany (Wade Vox), Kevin Michael Richardson (Tamtel Skreej, Pugwis), Tasia Valenza (Aurra Sing)
Voices Recorded atScreenMusic Studios [Studio City CA], LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC [San Rafael CA]
Director of Product MarketingTom Byron
Public Relations DirectorTom Sarris
Public Relations ManagerHeather Twist Philips
Public Relations CoordinatorThea Crosby-Levine
Public Relations AssistantAlexis Mervin
Internet ManagerJim Passalacqua
Web MasterScott Barrett
Marketing CoordinatorKarina Hallum
Manual WritingMichael Gallo, Mollie Boero, W. Haden Blackman
Graphic DesignersChristopher Inclenrock, Patty Hill
Product Support ManagerPaul Purdy
Hint Line SupervisorTabitha Tosti
Quality Assurance ManagerDan Pettit
ArchivistsWendy Kaplan, Kellie Walker
Additional Cutscene ModelsPatrick Sirk, Lèa Mai Nguyen, Kristen Russel
Special ThanksStacy Cheregotis, Chris Gollaher, Dan Riha, Allan Kausch, Sean O'Connor, Simon Jeffery, Camela B. Martin, Garry M. Gaber

Activision, Inc.

ProducerBryant Bustamante
Associate ProducerGene Bahng
Executive ProducerMurali Tegulapalle
Senior VP / GM of North America StudiosStephen Crane
EVP, Worldwide StudiosMichael Pole
Creative DirectorGraham Fuchs
Production CoordinatorDaniel Atkins
Production TesterJoseph Shackelford

Cutscenes by Dream Theater, Inc.

ProducersKevin Susman, Larry Paolicelli
DirectorsMohammed Davoudian, Larry Paolicelli
Art Director & Digital Effects SupervisorMohammed Davoudian
EditorialPatrick Williams
Animation LeadsDaniel Farjam Herrera (as Daniel Herrera), Hyon Kim
Digital ArtistsGary Abrahamian, Elisabeth Arko, EM, Deana Conley, Eric Ehemann, B. Fletcher, David Hickey, Vincent Wenshen Kuo, Scott May, Chris Severin, Suzanne H. Smith, Chantell N. Stapp, Anthony Vasquez, John Wissle

Activision Quality Assurance

Console QA ManagerJoseph Favazza
Senior Project LeadBenjamin DeGuzman
Project LeadJason Potter
Floor LeadBruce Campbell
QA TestersJared Kitchens, Daniel Lee, Joseph Luna, Rodrigo Reyes, James Robles, Trey Smith, Jimmy Sun, Ken Tsang
Special ThanksBill Anker, Maria Bustamante, Chris Archer, Michael Hand, Brian Bright, Brian Clarke, Paula Cuneo, Stacey Ganem, Adam Goldberg, Todd Quincey Jefferson, Marilena Morini, Talmadge Morning, Jeff Poffenbarger, George Rose, Brian Simkin, Stacy Sooter, David Stohl, Marc Turndorf, Nicole Willick
Very Special ThanksGeorge Lucas

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Credits for this game were contributed by Foxhack (12474)