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Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Dreamcast)

ESRB Rating
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

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Category Description MobyScore
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.9
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.2
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.1
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Overall MobyScore (21 votes) 4.0

The Press Says

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The Next Level
As a hardcore gamer myself, I personally found this version to be the best Street Fighter to date, though that's quickly changing with my appreciation for Third Strike. Dreamcast has once again proved that 2D conversions can be accomplished with ease, and to think, this is still first generation software. If you have the means and ability to purchase Zero 3, do so now, you certainly will not be disappointed.
But if you don't have the PSX version, or if you're a Street Fighter fan who just has to have the very best, pick up Alpha III now. Delayed however long it was, it's still the best 2D fighter around.
Defunct Games
Street Fighter Alpha 3 is basically a port of the PlayStation version released only months earlier. The game shines on any system, no matter what, but I can't help but yearn for the control of the PlayStation (or even the Saturn) instead of the bulky Dreamcast control. It's funny, if not a bit ironic, Capcom has always given better treatment of their 2D fighting games when it comes to Sega ... but this time, even though this is a highly recommended game, it's not much better than it was on the PlayStation. Will Capcom be able to count to four?
Go beyond the retro look and you’ll find a compelling fighting game that is holding back the years and showing the 3-D posse
Capcom crea a modo de homenaje un título que reúne todos los luchadores de la línea temporal Street Fighter Alpha y Street Fighter II, considerado uno de los tres mejores Street Fighters
Un juego que gráficamente nos deja un buen sabor de boca, pero donde sabemos que se podía haber hecho algo más...Aún así un gran juego, muy completo tanto en modos de juego, variantes de lucha, combos y personajes. El mejor juego de la saga Street Fighter que ha pisado oficialmente nuestro país.
90 (UK)
With all things considered, Alpha 3 is the best beat-em-up I've played since Soul Calibur. It trounces pretenders like Dead or Alive 2 and will fulfil Street Fighter fans' wildest fantasies without breaking a sweat. It looks a little dated now, but presentation and execution is second-to-none. As for longevity, there's just so much to do and see, and with the burgeoning online community it could still be seeing some action in several months' time. Highly recommended.
Digital Press - Classic Video Games
Though will say differently, this is the best 2-D fighter for the console. That's saying something on a console packed with Mark of the Wolves, King of Fighters, and other Street Fighter titles. The sheer volume of things to do and accomplish could easily keep someone busy for months, more than worth the price on the sticker. It may even take you months to figure out how you like to customize your favorite character with the "isms" and such. This is a totally fulfilling experience on every level.
The Dreamcast version of Alpha 3 keeps all the great modes and additions from the PlayStation version but also uses the more powerful hardware to its benefit, delivering larger character sizes, sharper and more colorful graphics, and extremely minimal load times.
Game Informer Magazine
Its graphics may not display flash equal to many of today's fighters, but the gameplay is just as impressive now as it was when it originally released in arcades years ago.
Gaming Target
This might be the greatest 2D fighter Capcom has come out with yet. Everything is in order and so very perfect if you don't mind the dated graphics on such a high powered console. Pick this one up and you won't regret it.
Posiblemente se podría criticar la falta de innumerables secretos a desbloquear, tal y como ocurre en Capcom vs. SNK o en Marvel vs. Capcom 2, pero la inclusión del modo World Tour, y que cada personaje tenga su propio final, muy modesto, eso sí; palía con creces este pequeño defectillo, convirtiendo a este juego en una seria opción dentro del campo de la lucha 2D, para quienes posean una Dreamcast.
Player One
Dans la bonne lignée des Street Fighter, celui ci se place en très bonne position. La baston en 2D n'est pas morte, loin de là ! Pan la 3D !
Planet Dreamcast
Street Fighter Alpha 3 on the Dreamcast beats out the PSX and Saturn versions as the best version of Alpha 3 you can buy. Unfortunately, the way Capcom ported the graphics is just terrible, and takes away most of the game's visual appeal. Still, it's all about the gameplay, and in that respect Alpha 3 is the most complete 2D fighter to hit the market in ages. While it will likely be eclipsed in a couple months by Street Fighter III: Third Strike, Street Fighter Alpha 3 remains highly recommended.
GamePro (US)
If you want a good technical SF blast without all the Marvel superheroes and super ultra mega combos, then SFA3 might be up your alley. If you get all doe-eyed for special effects and fast graphics, then this game will disappoint you quickly and often.
Street Fighter Alpha 3 Saikyo Dojo est véritablement le meilleur jeu de combat 2D. Bien sûr, Marvel vs Capcom 2 est plus beau, possède plus de personnages mais c'est un cross-over et les puritains préfèreront sans doute la série des Alpha. Le mode World Tour, les options internet, les personnages cachés, ajoutent d'autant plus à la durée de vie en solo. Un bon investissement pour qui aime le combat 2D.
Gaming Age
I have to admit that I am mostly disappointed with Capcom?s new net features. The novelty of using your Dreamcast?s modem to finally download something that had to do with a game was fun at first. But, it soon becomes a tedious boring process. Looks like we will just have to wait till September when we can have truly net playable titles. As for the game itself, Street Fighter Alpha 3 is a huge improvement over the arcade original. With the large cast of characters and different play modes, street fighters everywhere will have plenty to tool around with. The World Tour mode is the best addition to a Street Fighter title yet, taking plenty of ideas from Soul Edge. In this case, however, borrowing is a good thing. In all, it is still the Street Fighter series I have loved for years with a few nice additions. Street Fighter fans can pick up yet another great title.
Capcom nous offre une énième version de Street Fighter. Les noms continuent de s'allonger, les possiblités grandissent mais est-ce que l'intérêt est présent dans ces graphismes toujours aussi fades ? J'en doute.
Game Revolution
The bottom line is that Street Fighter Alpha 3 plays exactly like the hundreds of other Street Fighter games before it. Pretty much everyone will be able to pick up and play this title with no trouble at all. Any way you look at it, it's still Street Fighter with a few extra modes and characters thrown in. Die-hard 2D fighting fans will still enjoy this title. The rest of us, meanwhile, will just shake our heads and grab our copies of Soul Calibur and Dead or Alive 2. Some things never change.