Written by  :  Fake Spam (94)
Written on  :  Dec 20, 2006
Platform  :  Dreamcast
Rating  :  3.25 Stars3.25 Stars3.25 Stars3.25 Stars3.25 Stars

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Very little, way late.

The Good

The graphics fix all of the ailments of the 3DO version and the control is tighter still. If I could get the Matching Service going in America, I'm sure it would've been fun, no doubt. Also, the sounds are finally presented in QSound and are clean, crisp, and clear. Also, zero access time, flows as fast as the arcade version.

The Bad

The music is terrible! It's that half-assed version Capcom used for the Saturn/PlayStation version within Street Fighter Collection 1. Why? Why not the excellent 3DO music? That would've really made my day. Also, the fun is all gone. There's nothing revealing, from a technical/programming standpoint that makes this game anything more than Capcom trying to make a buck or two off some sucker who missed the game on EVERY occasion on every other system is was released for. It's on a GD-ROM, for Pete's sake, so that 1.2 GB disc could've held who knows what in extras and other stuff. But no. Echelon, the pirates, have stated the game is only like 20 MB. Nice use of a GD-ROM, Capcom!

The Bottom Line

I say PASS on this version of the game. There seems to be no love from Capcom, and it sours the vibe of this game really well. If you must have, from a strictly collector's standpoint, the highest version format of the game, then, yes, the 128-bit version is the highest you can get, but sure doesn't seem like it.