Written by  :  MasterMegid (902)
Written on  :  Oct 13, 2006
Rating  :  4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars

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'You Wanna Get Nuts!? Come On Let's Get Nuts!'

The Good

Sword Of The Berserk: Guts’ Rage, is a 3D action game based on the manga/anime, Berserk. Which follows the adventures of a cursed swordsmen through his adventures in a dark fantasy world. It is a wonder this game was not a bigger success, I guess it was too far ahead of it’s time.

You are Gattsu, or “Guts” for short. Whom with companions Puck, a pixie, and Casca, a now mute woman, that he is trying to cure, after Guts sorta killed her fiancé. In their travels, they come across Rita, a unusually cynical teen age girl, that travels with a wandering circus, after Guts saves the caravan, from a bunch or incredibly stupid bandits(I would run if I saw that gigantic sword swing towards me.), he goes with the circus group to a nearby village, that may hold the secrets to curing Casca.

Once in the village, the adventures uncover a growing evil, grotesque monsters roam the hills and towns, and now Gattsu must do what he does best and kill the beasts.

The gameplay is always a blast, in battle Guts uses his gargantuan, “Dragon Slayer” to defeat foolish bandits, as well as beasts with a death wish. As well as boss monsters. Sword play involves slashes, stabs, etc. Attacks can be chained together to form combos. In close quarter combat, when the areas are too small for the “Dragon Slayer” to be unsheathed, Guts can still bring bloody death to his foes, with daggers and bombs he throws, as well as a handy crossbow, strapped to his arm.

Fights are fun and bloody, Guts can often split a foe in twain with his sword. The violence was actually increased for the Western release of this game, this is one of the few times in gaming history in which the Western version, was even more violent than the Eastern version. Combos are easy to learn but hard to master, as in many of the best games like this. Boss fights are epic is scale, and pack plenty of challenge.

Speaking of challenges, this game features many different difficulty settings, finish the game on easy, unlock normal, as well as a extra prize. Prizes range from unlocking mini-games, to level select. Beware, as the harder settings will take every ounce of your gaming skill to complete.

There are also Shenmue/Dragon’s Lair inspired events. In which the player must quickly hit the button that flashes on screen to keep Guts from dying. As implied in the games long title, Gattsu can go berserk. When he sustains enough damage, and his rage meter fills, the screen turns red and Guts loses his cool. While enraged his attacks hit harder, and he is pretty much unstoppable. This is his curse, as well as his blessing, as he loses blood during these times, which sprays wildly from a scar on his neck.

The graphics in SOTB, are amazing. Easily up to par with Playstation 2, and late Dreamcast games. The visuals really help convey the dark world in which Guts lives and fights in.

The sound department is solid here as well. From the excellent music, and sound effects. To the voice acting. Many famous voice actors lend there voice to the game including, Michael Bell as Gattsu. ( He is in tons of kids shows including G.I. Joe) As well as Cam Clarke as Puck.(Grandia II, and other games)

Many other Berserk characters make an appearance here, including the fan favorite, the Skull Knight. And while the plot is a little different than either the manga or anime. Why is Casca traveling with Guts when in the series she hates him?

The Bad

Well the game is very short it can be completed in one sitting, but at least there is replay value.

It is a shame that we never got to see a sequel to his game. And why did this game not sell better? It is kind of similar to PS2 action game Devil May Cry. Even thought I enjoyed SOTB:GR, more.

The Bottom Line

Fans of Dreamcast, Anime, and action games, will enjoy this game. Just don’t pay full price for it.