Toy Commander Credits


Creative DirectorFrédérick Raynal
Art DirectorDidier Chanfray
Original IdeaDidier Chanfray
Technical DirectorSerge Plagnol
Executive ProducerDavid Chomard
Missions DesignLionel Chaze, David Chomard
Script CodingLionel Chaze, David Chomard, Pascal Dubois, Alain Jarniou, Hugues Tardif
Project ManagerFrantz Cournil
Physics, dynamics, algorithmicCédrick Collomb
Libraries, ToolsPascal Dubois
Libraries, optimisationSébastien Viannay
Game designLionel Chaze, Didier Quentin
Resources ControlLionel Chaze
AnimationArnaud Lhomme, Awen Limbourg, Paul-Henri Michaud
Additional ProgrammingAwen Limbourg
Real time 3D introAlain Jarniou
Main ProgrammerFrantz Cournil
Internal TestRomain Chavanne, Eddie Javelle, Hugues Tardif
3D Computer Artists for cut sequences and graphic designBenoit Boucher, Merlin Pardo, Ludovic Rubin, Frédéric Taquet
Vehicles, characters, special Fx'sArnaud Lhomme
2D artist for background design and menusSabine Morlat
Marketing SupportSabine Morlat
Additional concept artistYaél Barroz
MusicPhilippe Vachey
Sound Fx'sPhilippe Vachey
TextsDidier Quentin
Quality AssuranceJérôme Roseau
Micro Computer ManagerJérôme Roseau
AccountingsVéronique Palmier
Special Thanks ToTom Miley, David Nulty, Valérie Rochereau

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Credits for this game were contributed by quizzley7 (21723)