Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense Credits (Dreamcast)

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Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense Credits

Designed & Developed By

Luxoflox Corp.Peter Morawiec, Adrian Stephens, David Goodrich, Edvard Toth, Cary Hara, Justin Rasch, Micah A. Linton, Jeremy Engleman, Jing Jia, Louis Garcia

Activision, Inc.

Executive ProducerMurali Tegulapalle
Associate ProducerBryant Bustamante

In-Game Music

Sound ElementChristian A. Salyer, Eric Klein, Javier Marquez

In-Game Sound FX

The Audio GroupTim Gedemer

Voice Over

ProductionChristian A. Salyer (Sound Element)
Voice ActorsJ. Barrow, Sam Brown, Annessa Burdow, Martin Chandler, Donna Davis, Jeannie Figueroa, Brandon H., Terry H., David A. Johnston, Reggie Kennedy, Eric Klein, Heather Kram, Raynard McClease, Marci Richards, Christian A. Salyer, Cisco Santacruz, Ruben Sierra, Terrance L. Underwood


Script & ProductionLuxoflux Corp.
SoundtrackThe Audio Group, Howard Drossin, Tim Gedemer
3D Character ModelsBurke Studios, Steve Burke, Teod Tomlinson, Dan Burke
Additional Vehicle ModelsCreat Studio
StoryboardsFamous Frames, Collin Grant

Activision, Inc.

V.P., Global Brand ManagementMarc Metis
Brand ManagerWill Kassoy
Marketing AssociateBrad Carraway
Mgr. of Corp. Comm.Julia Roether
Senior PublicistAmy King
Junior PublicistShannon Flannery

Activision Studios

Sr. V.P., StudiosStephen Crane


Production Mgr.Ron Graening
Documentation ManagerMichael Rivera
Manual LayoutSylvia Orzel

Quality Assurance

QA ManagerMarilena Morini
Night ManagerSam Nouriani
Sr. Project LeadsAaron Casillas, Joseph Favazza
Project LeadsChristopher Toft, Eric Koch, Nelson Prince
TestersGeoffrey Olsen, Peter Muravez, Seth Williams, Scott Karbel, Russel Shirely, Jason Potter, Frank So, Christian Bierman, Eric Zimmerman, Bryan Anderson, William Arnspiger, Daniel Ramirez, Edmond Puccio, Chris Rangel, Sean Heffron, Chad Mutchler, Jefrey Sedivy, Tanya Oviedo, Raj Joshi, Bernie Leon, Quardey Bush, David Hsia, Eddie Chu, Joseph Ma
External Test CoordinatorStacey Ganem

Activision U.K.

Sr. V.P., InternationalBob Dewar
Product Marketing Manager U.K./R.O.E.Matthew Walker
Product Marketing Manager FranceGuillaume Lairan
Product Marketing Manager GermanyChristian Streil
Localization SupervisorNathalie Ranson
Special ThanksJoaquin Alvarez, Daniel Atkins, Gene Bahng, Brian Bright, Sarah Cigliano, Brian Clarke, Todd Quincey Jefferson, Michael Hand, Diane Nelson, James Riordan, George Rose, David Stohl, Mattt Stubbs, Jim Summers, Jason Wong, Stacey Ytuarte

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