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Si quieres un juego variado para divertirte cuando sea con o sin compañia, Sega Extreme Sports es tu juego.
Wem das Spielprinzip an sich zusagt, kann hier zugreifen, die Gesamtmischung stimmt: Eine super Steuerung, sehr gute Optik und ein unterhaltsamer 2-Spieler-Modus. Für mich eines der Spiele-Highlights des Jahres 2000.
Mega Fun
Hut ab vor den Entwicklern! Was Sega Extreme Sports an grafischer Pracht auf den Screen zaubert, ist wirklich außergewöhnlich. Die Landschaften und Kurse wirken sehr realistisch und bis auf kleine Slowdowns und Texture-Morphing gibt es an der Grafik-Engine nichts auszusetzen. Aber auch jenseits des grafischen Aha-Effekts hat Sega Extreme Sports einiges zu bieten. Der fein ausbalancierte Schwierigkeitsgrad und Jagd nach Bestzeiten locken euch anfangs immer wieder vor den Bildschirm, Auf Dauer fehlt es dem Spiel leider etwas an Tiefgang, denn wenn erst einmal alles gesehen habt, verschwindet die Disc im Schrank und wird nur noch zum Angeben vor Freunden wieder herausgeholt. Im Zweispieler-Modus habt ihr zudem nicht die Möglichkeit, um die Meisterschaft zu kämpfen, sondern versucht euch nur an Einzelstrecken
Super Play (Sweden)
Avslutningsvis vill jag berömma Innerloop för deras musikval. Helt otippat har de skaffat rättigheterna till massor av låtar från skivbolaget Ninja Tune. Och det bästa är att man inte behöver vara något fan av dansmusik för att uppskatta DJ Foods Dark Lady eller Coldcuts Space Journey. Snabba sportspel och dansmusik hör ihop. Det vet ni med.
If you’re looking for a fun weekend rental, pick up a copy of Xtreme Sports and give it a try – there’s plenty of action and challenge here to keep you (and a few friends) engrossed for several days. For the sports game junkies out there who are looking for a different twist on competitive racing, I’d recommend checking this one out as well. Otherwise, if you’re considering purchasing this game, you might want to give it a miss.
Sadly, all the corporate booshwa here is just a sneak peak at the future of gaming. As independent programmers are gobbled up by mammoth corporations, the little guys who make the games are starting to lose control over the finished product. It's the same plague that infects the movie, music, and publishing businesses, and it's only going to get worse. As the stakes rise, the artists lose control, and the guys with suits start sticking their stupid, senseless fingers in any available orifice, probing away like insensitive alien invaders and leaving their insipid imprint on everything they touch. As my son put it, "This game was designed by mean old men who just wanted to twist our minds." I couldn't have said it better myself. And yes, I am proud of him.
All Game Guide
Although the later tracks offer more events and a longer race, they are not enough to keep up the intensity of other titles. The four characters offered show no real personality or difference, nor do they posess their own set of tricks and styles, making them extremely generic. The entire presentation of Xtreme Sports seems like an afterthought, which itself often feels like an afterthought to the graphics.
Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
Ultimately, Xtreme Sports is another example of a game that looks x-tremely pretty, but fails to be anything other than x-asperatingly dull. While six sports packed onto one disc may seem appealing at first, they’re all watered-down versions of the real thing. Further, the need for a common control system has crippled these events to the point where trick riding on your bike or pulling a Misty Flip on your snowboard requires controller presses far too arcane to be rewarding in an era when products like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 are setting the pace with easy, intuitive maneuvers. Complete with a ho-hum multiplayer mode and some pretty severe physics issues hurting what little quality action has made its way into Xtreme Sports, potential buyers should be thankful that the intentionally mispelled title will make this game x-tremely difficult to find on store shelves.