Driv3r Screenshots

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Windows version

Hit a taxi.
The end result of opening a drawbridge with cars on it.
Man and his car
You died.
You can sit in wrecked cars if you can find the driver's seat.
Doing a big jump in Miami
Doing a reverse burnout with a Chevy Impala in Istanbul
One of the secret cars. There are 3 to find in each city.
A tipped bus with a large Mosque in the backround
Timmy Vermicelli, clearly mocking Tommy Vercetti. This one seems to have died standing up.
Some of the textures don't fit quite right
Lifted a car with a forklift in Nice
The "reward" you get for killing 10 Timmy Vermicellis in Miami is getting chased by a gang of them in super fast semi trailers. You get a different reward in each city
A Nokia advertisement near the airport in Nice. Tanner also has a Nokia mobile phone.