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GameCubeDeaf Gamers (2002)
Driven is difficult to classify as an arcade racer in many respects. It lacks the pit stops and the advanced car setups that a simulation has but it requires an excellent knowledge of the tracks in order to succeed and a strict adherence to the racing lane is far more important in Driven than in most simulations that I have played. Overall all fans of Indycar racing and Formula 1 should give Driven a go.
PlayStation 2GameZone (Nov 19, 2001)
Driven is the first cinematic racing game ever made. It does things that have never been done in a racing game before, things that we're only used to seeing in Metal Gear Solid. If you're still skeptical, I don't blame you -- I was too at first. But I am so glad that I gave this game a chance, because if I hadn't, I would have missed out on a great experience.
PlayStation 2Deaf Gamers (2001)
Overall, Driven is a good single seat racer that fans of Indycar and Formula 1 will enjoy. A fluid framerate and diverse objectives in the story mode along with a good arcade mode make the game good value.
GameCubeGameZone (Apr 08, 2002)
Driven is one of the few games available that uses the GameCube controller's analog shoulder buttons. Everybody knows that they feel great as regular, single-function buttons, but how do they stack up when put to the pressure-sensitive test? While Sony's Dual-Shock 2 is still king, Nintendo has developed a solid controller that functions pretty well in almost every situation. In Driven's case, it functions better than "pretty well." Seriously -- the GameCube controller feels like it was made for this game!
GameCubeGamePro (US) (Apr 25, 2002)
Driven might be an arcade game, but it requires superhuman driving skills to complete. If you can't master the fine arts of drifting and slipstreaming, you'll have trouble placing above fifth in most races. There's a lot of game to explore in Driven if you're dedicated; just be prepared for a steep learning curve.
PlayStation 2Game Informer Magazine (Feb, 2002)
This would have been totally uninteresting, if not for the odd "In the Zone" sequences, in which the sound becomes hushed, the screen blurs, and your car becomes easier to handle. Other than that, there’s nothing much here but annoying control, plain graphics, and some rather demented cutscenes.
GameCubeGameSpot (Apr 01, 2002)
Driven is an odd duck of a game--that much is certain. An inviting arcade racer patterned after a lighthearted motion picture, it is also extremely challenging and somewhat frustrating. If you're looking for a racing game that is easy to control but extremely difficult, Driven fits the bill.
GameCube64 Power / big.N / N Games (Apr, 2002)
Die PS2-Version war schon so richtig schlecht und die GameCube-Version unterscheidet sich leider nicht allzu sehr von ihr. Da hätte man noch einiges an Arbeit reinstecken müssen, um die Fehler der PS2-Version auszumerzen. Wurde leider vertan und deshalb fällt unsere Wertung auch dementsprechend niedrig aus. Und wir hatten uns schon so sehr auf ein ordentliches Rennspiel gefreut.
55 (Jun 12, 2002)
Die Entwickler haben ihr Versprechen gehalten, und die vermurkste Steuerung der PS2-Version für den GameCube optimiert und zudem auch noch bei der Grafik zulegen können. Und trotzdem wird sich Driven nicht allzu lange an der Spitze des momentan noch brach liegenden Rennspiel-Genres halten können. Dazu finden sich einfach viel zu viele kleine Unstimmigkeiten, die zwar ein gelegentliches Spielchen nicht stark beeinflussen, aber den Spieler auf lange Sicht doch daran hindern werden, Driven wieder aus dem Schrank zu holen. Eventuell wäre man besser bedient gewesen, auf die Filmlizenz zu verzichten und stattdessen die zweifellos vorhandenen guten Ideen in einem komplett neuen Spiel zu verarbeiten. Besser als die PS2-Fassung heißt noch lange nicht, das Maß aller Dinge zu sein.
PlayStation 2Consoles Plus (Feb, 2002)
Graphiquement, ce titre est bien réalisé. Le style des véhicules et des décors ressemble à celui de Jet Set Radio. C'est bien le seul point positif de cette simulation automobile injouable. Ce ne sont pas des monoplaces que vous pilotez, mais des savonnettes.
GameCubeGame Over Online (Apr 26, 2002)
The GameCube version of Driven offers enhanced graphics, which does result in a much more aesthetically pleasing experience. Unlike the PS2 counterpart, this version offers a constant and manageable frame rate, rarely dipping below 60FPS. Dynamic reflection algorithms can also be seen, which is a nice touch, and other subtle graphical nuances were also included. Visually, Driven looks great on the GameCube.
GameCubeAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Apr 29, 2002)
Driven is one of those titles that aspires to meld a story mode into a genre that’s traditionally been resistant to such attempts in the past. While this effort is successful, Driven‘s acceleration feels sluggish as it tries to drag the combined weight of unresponsive AI, strange physics, overly unforgiving challenges and pedestrian multiplayer modes. While the graphics are good and go a ways towards salvaging the whole operation, it must be admitted that the overall mediocrity of Driven will ensure that the competition will pull ahead of this racer.
PlayStation (Mar 04, 2002)
Wieder einmal wurde eine weitestgehend vielversprechende Filmlizenz in den Sand gesetzt. Doch das hätte nicht sein müssen: Spielgeschwindigkeit und KI gehen in Ordnung und die Idee mit dem Missions-basierten Story-Modus hört sich vielversprechend an und ist gut umgesetzt. Doch dass man dann bei der Steuerung, die eigentlich neben der Grafik das A und O eines Rennspieles darstellt, so massiv ins Klo gegriffen hat, ist unverständlich. So ist Driven nur ein Rennspiel unter vielen, für das man wesentlich bessere Alternativen findet. Fans des Filmes -ja, davon soll es einige geben- werden sich vielleicht die nötige Zeit geben, sich an die Steuerung zu gewöhnen. Alle anderen haben vermutlich mehr Spaß mit dem Film.
GameCubeLevel (Dec, 2002)
Jocul poate - și este un mare POATE - fi jucat dacă ești excesiv de plictisit sau dacă nu ai altceva mai bun de făcut. De exemplu, teme sau dus gunoiul. Asta este cam tot ce se poate spune despre acest joc și vă las în pace.
GameCubeNintendoWorldReport (Jul 03, 2002)
I’m not going to spend any more time here to discuss the graphics or presentation. See the categories below. Before Burnout was released, I might have recommended it just as a rental to get your racing fix in, but now there’s absolutely no reason to play this game. I’m tired of it and I’ll probably have more fun watching it get slowly buried in the dust on my shelf.
GameCubeIGN (Apr 04, 2002)
The one thing Driven has going for it is that it's the first true racing game released for GameCube. It has some simulation elements for driving, but even in that regard it's just lackluster all around. It may be worth a rental if you want to get your racing fix very badly, but schedule a more exciting activity shortly after -- like crocheting or crossword puzzles.
PlayStation 2GameSpot (Dec 07, 2001)
As bad as it is, Driven is almost worth seeing just to sample the blocking and zone aspects that other F-1 games fail to cover and perhaps to hear 10 different renditions of Sylvester Stallone shouting "Gentlemen, start your engines!" The game also has a two-player mode that offers the three US, Euro, and World championship options for human competition, but the split-screen just makes spinouts and braking more difficult to anticipate or control.
PlayStation (Aug 11, 2003)
Heureusement qu'il arrive encore de temps en temps des jeux de la trempe de Driven pour donner une signification réelle aux plus bas échelons d'une échelle de notation. Driven ne mérite ces cinq points que pris dans un contexte d'adaptation courageuse du film. Il ne générera que l'hilarité dans le cercle des fans de courses automobiles.
Driven's brand of stupid, however, required effort. Witness the cinematic camera angle shifts that, while exciting, completely rob you of your ability to drive. Marvel at the insane blurring effects that, while conveying a sense of intense speed, blind you.
PlayStation 2IGN (Nov 12, 2001)
There's actually a lot of good in Driven. The game has been designed fairly well in that there's a lot of stuff to unlock and the progression to unlock drivers and tracks is quite nice. The developers have also done a good job of making use of the license and incorporating things like getting "in the zone" into the gameplay. However, all of this ends up being for naught because of the game's horrible controls. Because of this, the game just isn't any fun to play.