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Driver 2

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Game Boy Advance

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Could be so much better.... PlayStation Evil-Jim (151)
Now this is a car driving game! PlayStation Grant McLellan (545)
This is the best game for Playstation. PlayStation Jester236 (39)

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PlayStation 30 3.7
Combined MobyScore 30 3.7

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PlayStationPlaystation Illustrated
The original Driver started a new genre - the mission based driving game. Driver 2 goes further, adding some 'outside-of-the-car' gameplay. Now you'll be hi-jacking cars, buses, armored trucks and running the baddies down on foot! This added element takes a great game and makes it better. Another improvement featured in Driver 2 is a curved road system. This allows for more realistic (non-downtown) roads. The missions are innovative and exciting and the story is captivating, in a sort of 'Starsky and Hutch' way.
PlayStationPower Unlimited
Ik had nog wel uren door kunnen gaan over alle nieuwe features maar één ding staat centraal, als je het voor elkaar krijgt een reeds bestaande super game op zoveel punten te verbeteren, doe je iets ongelooflijk goed!
PlayStationSuper Play
Trots det är Driver 2 en sällsam resa in i den undre världen. Charterstämpeln infinner sig ibland, lite blasé-inslag får man räkna med, men helhetsintrycket är så näst intill komplett att det är svårt att motstå hela konceptet. För fartdåren är Driver 2 det självklara valet.
PlayStationGame Informer Magazine
In the end, Driver 2 does what every good sequel should – improves on the first while maintaining the elements that made the series a success. Driver fans will revel in the new level of detail, the balls-out racing, and the awesome storyline.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation
The Game Has Definitely Lost That 'adrenalin Rush' That The Last Game Provided. I Suppose Those Playing Their Very First Driver Game Will Still Get It, So It Must Be One Of Those 'first Time' Feelings We Get When Seeing Something Original.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation
Overall, This Is A Top-notch Follow-up To One Of Last Year's Biggest Hits And Is Sure To Keep Fans Totally Satisfied.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation
The storyline is fantastic, as are most of the missions… however, be warned that some of them have such tight time limits, that you will be forced to play them over and over (and over) before you get through them. Also the chasing cops and escaping villains offer a far greater challenge than in the first game due to their much improved driving skills.
PlayStationGame Informer Magazine
It's good to see a developer learn from experience, and Driver 2 is testament to Reflections' education. In every conceivable fashion – from curved roadways to more varied missions – the sequel is the superior of the original. Even the music better suits the mood of the game. What hasn't changed is what already worked, namely the loose, demolition-derby style controls and the "Mafia movie in progress" story. The only problem with Driver 2 is that Reflections' ambitions have peaked slightly above the PlayStation's ability. With all the new happenings onscreen, pop-up, slowdown, and texture tearing are much more prevalent than before, making me desperate for this franchise to move onto the next generation of consoles. Do these problems detract from the fun? Yes, but Driver 2 is still a blast, and well worth the asking price.
Game Boy AdvanceGameSpot
Driver 2 Advance is both impressive and enjoyable. Sure, the cities could look more realistic and the gameplay could be more diverse, but you'd be hard pressed to direct any real criticism toward any aspect of the game. Driver 2 Advance is simply great, not just for fans of the series, but for most any GBA owner who can handle the subject matter.
Game Boy AdvanceGaming Target
Driver 2 Advance is a solid game and, for the most part, provides an excellent translation of the series. Thus, many of its followers will have no objection and players new to the series can take over the wheel without any problem. Granted, the visuals seem pixelated at first and some other details were missing to suit the limits set on Game Boy Advance, but none of these complaints seem to register once on the roadway. Like Grand Theft Auto these days and even Crazy Taxi a couple years ago, the Driver series inspires a certain degree of freedom in players. Without question, that same great sense of freedom remains intact for this Game Boy Advance translation.
In the end, Driver 2 is a terrific game that fans of the original game will enjoy completely. The new ability to jump out of the car and run around in the environment really makes Driver 2 seem different than the original game. The game does have a steep learning curve, as you'll likely end up trying to complete a level several times before actually getting it down right. But if you're up for a challenge and enjoy racing games even a little, then you'll find that Driver 2 is an extraordinary game.
Game Boy AdvanceConsoles Plus
Un titre bien sympa, mais les parties ne doivent pas durer trop longtemps sous peine de terminer avec un mal de crâne terrible.
Driver One is a great game, Driver 2 takes it a step further. It has the mysterious Vasquez, and a few other characters that are going to try and stop Tanner (you) from completing your mission in any way they can. In this sequel when you are on an undercover mission, you can get out of your car and walk around in the city you are in at the time; and if you get tired of walking, you can heist a vehicle.
Game Boy AdvanceNetjak
Overall, this game did satisfy my gaming needs in that it accomplished a task that is mandatory in a videogame. It kept my interest and then gave me some extra’s to nibble on. It certainly is a cut above the rest. Not only was this game graphically epic, featuring two large cities, but it sported a 3D engine that had some flaws, but never failed to turn heads. I’m sure a lot of handheld gamers out there are thanking the people over at Atari for bringing us this one.
Game Boy AdvanceIGN
Unfortunately, this is the type of game that naturally takes a massive hit by being shrunk down, and it certainly did here. It's essentially the same feel, but you don't get nearly the same excitement out of it. A kick in speed would have helped, but if you're looking to take a drive down the mean streets of the GBA world, it's not going to get better than this any time soon.
Game Boy AdvanceSilicon-Fusion.com
Overall the developers managed to do the business, pacing could have been better and although at times dull, slow and repetitive, there is still a great deal to be enjoyed and entertained here. Sure it could have taken advantage of better frame rate, mission design, 3D car modelling and better sound effects but for what its worth there's no game quite like it on the GBA and probably wont be for a long time coming (unless of course a GBA version of GTA 3 is released) so really all we can say is, if you want the Driver experience on the 'go' then you will definitely find it here.
Un jeu qui reste théoriquement à la mesure de son prédécesseur mais qui souffre d'une gourmandise technique que la PlayStation ne peut offrir. Jouable sur PlayStation 2, peut-être que le jeu a été conçu pour elle ?
Game Boy AdvanceMygamer.com
Should you buy Driver 2? I would say yes if you can find it for ten bucks. It is not worth $30 as there are so many more quality games out for the system. However, Driver 2 does offer some great new advances in the GBA's history as it is one of the first games to offer a free roaming aspect. But the turning and camera are flawed while the graphics and sound don't stick out in anyway. The multiplayer is fun but it is difficult to find another person with a copy of the game. Despite the glitchiness, Driver 2 isn't that bad of a game if you can find it cheap.
It's just too bad. Driver 2 was one sequel that I was truly looking forward to. However, it looks like the Christmas deadline got the better of Reflections and it was forced to release a rushed product. If this game would have received just a bit more development time, it could have eclipsed the original title on all counts. As it ended up, though, Driver 2 is just a shadow of its former self. The many problems heavily detract from the gaming experience and will leave a bad taste in many gamers' mouths.
PlayStationPSX Extreme
In a nutshell Driver 2 is the years most disappointing game and if not the most disappointing videogame sequel I have yet to play. The visuals have been downgraded, the gameplay is way too boring, the soundtrack is plain trash and the control is sloppy. I am still stumped how Reflection let this game pass as a final product, if the two-player was pulled out and the ability of stealing cars was taken out as well, maybe room for visuals and more inspired gameplay could have been done, but Driver 2 is just plain a disgrace. I hope that the PS2 versions of Driver are set in the 90s (the 70s vehicles are too plain and slow) and if possible be developed by Angel Studios since they have done such a marvelous job with Midnight Club: Street Racing and Smuggler's Run.
PlayStationEurogamer.net (UK)
I was one of Driver's biggest fans before I played this. Now the series has been trodden on, reshaped and served up as an entrée for its master the PSOne. If ever there was an opportunity to indict that console as a Sony cash cow this would be it. Bottom line; do not buy this game, buy the original if you don't already have it.
Game Boy AdvanceGame Vortex
The driving action is believable enough, and the car moves around realistically, sliding and skidding, knocking over objects and scaring the hell out of pedestrians. What doesn't come through well is the interaction you should be able to have or not have with your surroundings. I love the premise of the game and the multiplayer action is awesome, but if controlling the car becomes more of a chore than a pleasure because of control issues, a driving game might as well be put to rest. Getting around and seeing the big town maps scroll by is a treat, and there are lots of neat little story elements that will motivate some to keep trying. For me, when the going got tough and the game seemed to be spitting the same tired issues at me (overly aggressive AI and some glitchy edge-detection), I decided to put Driver 2 back in the garage and take something else out for a spin.
Driver 2 aurait pu être la digne suite du jeu qui nous a fait passer des nuits blanches à accomplir toute sorte de méfaits routiers pour le compte des forces de l'ordre. Maniabilité similaire en tous points, scénario de même facture et ambiance 70/80 des plus réussies. Au lieu de cela, les défaillances de l'affichage et les bugs graphiques viennent polluer une jouabilité presque exemplaire, rendant ce titre médiocre. On ne peut-être qu'écoeuré par ce désastre et seuls les vestiges du plaisir passé sur le premier volet encourageront le joueur à oublier les carences techniques de ce titre. Les fans apprécieront quand même de retrouver quelques sensations presque oubliées.
I must admit that one of the downfalls of the ideal sequel -- or even an average sequel is that the first game gets put up on a pedestal. I loved Driver, and it was original, fresh, and exactly what I was missing in my PS gaming experience. It is now considered a classic. But, unfortunately, in order for a sequel to compel a buyer to purchase it, it needs to at least provide the same level of quality as the first, and it ideally should be better. Common sense suggests the good 'ol "college try." Most gamers, especially the hardcore ones, will pore through this game, and when they do they'll find amazing amount of bugs, glitches, and problems. Not only that, but not more than a few hours into playing Driver 2, players will find out how sloppy really is.
Game Boy AdvanceJeuxvideo.com
Driver 2 Advance n’est décidément pas une réussite. Ne vous fiez pas aux apparences, car sous une 3D réussie se cache un jeu minable que vous regretterez d’acheter. Je vous aurai prévenu !
PlayStationGame Revolution
Driver 2 suffers from a case of bad timing. Had this game been developed for the PS2, I bet they wouldn't have run into the slew of graphical problems inherent to cramming this much stuff onto the PSX. Without a decent framerate, the control suffers, and without decent control, the game becomes a LOT less fun. As it stands, this game feels more like a beta than a final, and fans of the original should just go play the first one again.
PlayStationGame Critics
All thats good about Driver 2 can be summed up in three words: good car handling. Thats it. The rest of the game is pretty much the same unredeemable mess that I reviewed years ago. The only thing that probably will change is the amount of hate mail and grief that well get this time around. Unlike like the overrated, overhyped, and oversold original, Driver 2 will most likely to go out with a whimper.