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Initially a lot of fun, then you start to notice all the flaws Windows Kasey Chang (3652)
Groovie! Windows SifouNaS (1317)
Insanely difficult, there's other carfish in the sea PlayStation jTrippy (63)
A massive game - huge storyline, huge choices - everything Midtown Madness should have been. Windows Steve Hall (322)
Huge Areas, High Speed, and 3 Cities. Windows Jim Fun (222)

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Platform Votes Score
iPhone 1 5.0
Macintosh 4 3.4
PlayStation 55 3.5
PS Vita 1 5.0
Windows 57 3.7
Combined User Score 118 3.6

Critic Reviews

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PlayStationGame Revolution
In the end, I just don't have the words to describe how much fun this game is. Rarely does a game captivate the stoic and hypercritical Game Revolution office, but Driver has done just that. We're hooked, and we highly advise getting hooked yourself. Besides, it's a better way to learn how to drive than Driver's Ed. Trust me.
One-hundred and twenty-eight bit Dreamcast my ass! Who needs it if it doesn't have Driver! The PlayStation lives, umbilically hooked to GT's latest masterpiece. Oh, and did I say I love this game? It's pure driving poetry.
En résumé, Driver nous offre un cocktail d'action détonnant avec une pincée d'aventure et un soupçon de série américaine. Le tout servi avec une bande son disco d'enfer et des doublages professionnels. Du tout bon, Starsky !
PlayStationPSX Extreme
The replay value was very high due to the many extras other than the main plot. There are a ton of missions to complete, with 4 large cities to explore, a few mini-games to enjoy, as well as a special cheat section to activate your codes. Driver is of the years top-notch titles, that deserves to be up there with such titles as Final Fantasy 7, Metal Gear Solid, and Xenogears.
PlayStationPower Unlimited
Driver is origineel, kent een aardig plot en speelt ontzettend lekker. Het is een game die je ongetwijfeld zwaar pakt en niet snel meer zal loslaten. Kortom: check die shit!
Siempre has sido el chico bueno. Siempre has sido el héroe. Siempre has mantenido a los malos a raya. Hasta ahora.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation
The one main thing this game has though is staying power. I often found myself throwing the controller in disgust and turning off the game only to be drawn back to it shortly afterwards. It has that special ability to hold your interest and make you want to go further into its depths. The game is addicting! It is also a pure adrenaline rush that will have you smiling ear to ear when you complete a particularly difficult mission and then reply your game back in the excellent Directors mode and watch all the cop cars pile up! Overall this is one of the most enjoyable Playstation titles to come out for the console this year.
PlayStationThe Video Game Critic
The scenery is detailed and attractive, but Driver suffers from a terrible case of "draw-in", where entire buildings suddenly appear in front of you as you approach. There's also some slowdown when things get hectic, but that should be expected considering the nature of the game. There are some technical issues, but they should not chase you away from this thrill-a-minute title.
WindowsAll Game Guide
Another cool thing that you can do is watch the replay of your escapade. You can even look on from a variety of angles, a smile crossing your face when you come to the part where you tricked the cop into crashing, leaving him in the dust. It's hard to beat that. Kind of like Driver on the whole.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation
Let's not beat around the bush here...If you were captivated by the Grand Theft Auto 'daring' mission concept...hooked on Destruction Derby's 'crash 'em and smash 'em' formula...enthralled with the NFS4 Cop car chase mode...mesmerized with the Test Drive 5 Bonus levels... then look no further as all of your dreams have come true in one fell swoop.
PlayStationSuper Play
Driver är som ni förstår egentligen inte alls något bilspel i vanlig bemärkelse. Det är en trafiksimulator. Med medtrafikanter, rödljus och trafikstockningar. Men lyckligtvis förlagt till en något mer upphetsande miljö än den vanliga rusningstrafiken på vägen till jobbet.
WindowsPC Games (Germany)
Die erste Mission ist ein echter Tiefschlag, anschließend spielt Driver aber seine Stärken aus. GTs verspätetes Rennspiel ist bei weitem das abwechslungsreichste seiner Art, setzt mit der interaktiven Hintergrundgeschichte einen Meilenstein in diesem Genre und erzeugt dabei eine Spannung und Atmospähre, die an die von Filmklassikern wie dem gleichnamigen Kinostreifen herankommt. Mit den unterschiedlichen Missionstypen und dem Verzicht auf die längst langweilig gewordenen Rundkurse bietet Driver mehr als jedes andere Rennspiel. Das wichtigste ist allerdings der Spielspaß - und auch davon hat das Programm mehr als jeder einzelne seiner Konkurrenten. Was fehlt, ist lediglich der Mehrspielermodus. Dabei eignet sich kaum ein Programm besser für spannende Netzwerkduelle als Driver. Hier hat GT Interactive eine echte Unterhaltungssünde begangen.
The only thing that kept Driver out of the upper 90s was the fact that it didn't have multiplayer support and the cops were out of control. If GT Interactive puts out an add-on pack for this game it will be a hot seller for a long time to come. (Hint) I think it would have been cool to have a Starsky and Hutch car also, but that is a different story.
PlayStationMega Fun
Driver bietet die Unterhaltung pur! Hier passt alles perfekt in den 7Der-Jahre-Kontext. Von den Autos, über die kriminellen Aufträge - das Gesamtkonzept erinnert eher an einen Gangsterfilm als an ein Konsolenspiel. Zeitweilig ist es wirklich knackig, vor allem hinsichtlich des vorgegebenen Zeitlimits, aber es ist noch kein Driver vom Himmel gefallen. Der Umfang ist sehr goß: ca. 40 Missionen, 14 verschiedene Karossen und Last but not Least der Director-Modus. Das Fahrverhalten der Soliden setzt dem Ganzen noch die Krone auf. Gut, die Renngrafik bzw Replaygrafik eines Gran Turismo wird nicht erreicht, dafür liegt die Stärke von Driver in den vielen technischen Feinheiten. Es macht schon eine gehörige Portion Laune, mit der funky Disco-Mucke von damals in dicken Schlitten den Gangster rauszukehren. Da bleibt dem heimischen Playstation-User nur noch eins; Die Schlaghosen ausgepackt und los! Einziger Kritikpunkt sind die langen Ladezeiten, die gerade bei Missionsneustarts nerven.
Those of us who spent far too much time in the warming glow of TV and the movie screen know, love and embrace the car chase. It's the best way to catch the bad guys, the easiest path to avoiding a traffic ticket, and the chief method for getting things solved in life. Where would Gene Hackman be if he hadn't raced under the railway in French Connection? How many fans would Steve McQueen still have if he hadn't flopped over San Francisco hill and dale in Bullit? And could Meryl Streep ever have won an Oscar if it weren't for that unforgettable, 30-car smash up that climaxed Sophie's Choice?
WindowsPower Play
Ihr Euch noch an die aufreibenden Action- und Geschicklichkeitsspiele der 8-Bit-80er? Damals waren verkrampfte Hände, Blasen am Daumen und Sehnenscheiden-Entzündungen gang und gäbe. Die vielen neuen und frischen Spielprinzipien fesselten enorm. Mit Driver erlebe ich ein Déjà vu: Mit zitternden Händen, steifen Fingern und flauem Magen lasse ich selten vom Bildschirm ab. Warum? Erst schlägt der Ehrgeiz zu: Ich will diese Schleuderschüssel mit dem butterweichen Fahrwerk endlich in den Griff bekommen. Und dann muß ich durch diese vermalledeite Tiefgarage, denn von den Trainingsmodi und den ziellosen Sightseeingfahrten habe ich genug. Geschieht dieses Wunder endlich, setzt die Sucht ein: Finger, Tastatur und Wagen harmonieren endlich, mit gekonntem Handbremseneinsatz zirkel ich um die Kurven, freue mich über Streifenwagen, die im Gegenverkehr hängenbleiben. Wer Benzin im Blut hat und auf blubbernde PS-Monster steht, sollte sich dieser Herausforderung stellen.
WindowsPower Unlimited
Een must voor elke race-fan. Driver gaat dankzij alle aktie rond de prachtige straten van New York, Miami, LA en San Fransisco geen moment vervelen. Ik wil meer van deze shit.
WindowsPC Joker
Damit steht fest, Driver ist wild, schnell und sehr unterhaltsam. Denn neben dem abwechslungsreichen Gameplay stimmt auch das Drumherum: Funk-Musik im Stil der 70er, brachiale Surround-Soundeffekte und coole Sprachausgabe sorgen für die passende Atmosphäre, die präzise Steuerung für Spaß am Gas. Ob Tastatur, Joystick, Pad und Force-Feedback-Lenkrad samt Pedalerie, es kommt immer echtes Feeling auf. Schade bloß, dass im digitalen Autoscooter vorläufig nur Platz für einen Spieler ist, doch Multiplayerunterstützung soll eventuell per Patch nachgereicht werden. Dieses Manko dürfte ein Erbe des Playstation-Originals sein, das von der PC-Version übrigens um Längen übertroffen wird: Mehr Gaudi und bessere Optik findet man nirgendwo, allenfalls in Microsofts „Midtown Madness“ (PCJ 7/99, 86%) hat dieses überaus rasante Räuber-und-Gendarme-Spiel einen ernstzunehmenden Konkurrenten.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux)
Driver is een bijzonder leuk spel geworden dat niet snel zal vervelen omwille van zijn vele speelstijlen. De graphics zijn af en ook het geluid mag er best wezen.
WindowsPC Player (Germany)
Es gibt doch nichts Herrlicheres, als auf der Flucht vor der Polizei und immer ein krummes Ding drehend durch die Innenstädte zu heizen. Für die passender 70er-Atmosphäre sorgen Musik wie elegante Autos, wobei diese, genau wie die restliche Grafik, ruhig detaillierter hätten ausfallen dürfen. Auch der Schwierigkeitsgrad ist recht happig, doch dafür werden Sie mit rasanten Rasereien belohnt. Durch Fußgänger und andere Autos, die auch auf Sie reagieren, ist die Illusion schon ziemlich gut geraten, tatsächlich ein Fluchtfahrer zu sein. Driver hat sich jedenfalls eine Dauerinstallation auf meinem PC erfahren.
Midtown Madness est déclassé par Driver, sans problème. Tout d'abord, il est infiniment plus complet et plus riche ; le mode scénario est un des atouts majeurs du jeu. La technique est extra également (moins que Midtown, c'est vrai), et que dire de la jouabilité ? Driver, c'est une cure de jouvence !
Like many console-to-PC ports, Driver suffers from being translated verbatim and taking little advantage of the more powerful PC platform. However, Driver's core game design is so strikingly original and fun that it can be enjoyed without embellishment.
Given the style of this game, there should have been better analog controller support. With its variety of different types of driving games and storyline Undercover missions, Driver has a lot to offer. Overall, this is a difficult, but very entertaining game and will provide many hours of enjoyment and a few hours of frustration, which is why I give it a score of 84.
WindowsGameStar (Germany)
Das Spieltempo ist atemberaubend, ständig scheppert ordentlich Blech, und effektvolle Schlitterpartien kriegt man hier dank des unkomplizierten Fahrverhaltens problemlos hin. Ein besonders dickes Lob geht an die KI-Programmierer: Wenn mir ein Polizeiauto an der Stoßstange klebt, kann ich mir den stinksauren Officer am Lenkrad fast schon bildlich vorstellen – und wenn er dann gegen eine Straßenbahn knallt, ist die Schadenfreude doppelt groß. Wegen einiger Details würde ich die Entwickler aber gerne in die Fahrschule schicken. Mich ärgern vor allem die gnadenlosen Zeitlimits. Da hänge ich das halbe NYPD ab, bringe meine schrottreife Mühle mit viel Können trotzdem ins Ziel – und habe die Mission nicht geschafft, weil ich eine halbe Sekunde zu spät ankomme! Trotzdem: Wer auch nur das geringste Interesse an heißen Verfolgungsjagden hat, kommt an Driver nicht vorbei.
MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG)
Very few games in recent memory have received such negative attention from Mac gamers even before they have been released. If you are thinking of MacSoft's Driver, then you are right on the money. The game was delayed more times than the Blue Dalmation iMac has spots, but it finally shipped during this year's Macworld Expo in San Fransisco (which is an interesing coincidence, since you can drive around in San Fransisco in the game).
80 (UK)
On the whole Driver has stood the test of time admirably. It’s as fun as the day it was released and doesn’t look like changing. With Driver 2 in the offing its reduced price is a great opportunity for series virgins to take a bite of the cherry and see how it plays. Driver easily stands up against the likes of Crazy Taxi and Midtown Madness because of its 70’s cop film slant, and despite a dodgy plot you won’t care about and AI that seems a little too brutal on occasion, it’s superb.
WindowsPlayer One
Mais si l'on retrouve les mêmes défauts que sur la version console, on retrouve aussi le même fun. C'est donc sans aucun scrupule que je recommande ce soft à tous ceux qui sont un peu blasés des jeux de courses sur circuit.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW)
Sadly, the game does not sport break-apart cars. Nor will it let you race against your buddies, and it is prone to the odd lock-up and graphic glitch. But even those blemishes do little to cripple this otherwise immensely engaging and lively vehicular foxhunt.
WindowsSpel för Alla
Driver är ett mycket lyckat bilspel som visar att det faktiskt går att göra något nytt även inom denna genre. Hoppas bara alla buggar är borta när den dimper ned på butikshyllorna. För buggar finns det! Recensionsexemplaret jag fick innehöll flera skönhetsfläckar. Efter mycket pillande med ljudkortet fick jag till slut fram ljudeffekterna även om dessa hade en viss tendens att hacka, liksom spelet i övrigt. Grafikbugarna haglade tätt och min inledande entusiasm avtog en aning. Det färdiga spelet kommer förmodligen inte att innehålla dessa irritationsmoment, men risken finns att du tvingas ladda ned både en och två buggfixar från Nätet.
PlayStationSpel för Alla
Det här är ett grymt bra och nydanande bilspel. Driver kräver en hel del av dig, det är inte helt lätt att manövrera bilen. Motorljuden är råa och bilen rör sig mycket realistiskt, den är möjligtvis något "sladdbenägen"... Det är precis så här man själv vill hantera en rå amerikanare med en maffig V8:a under huven när man är jagad av polisen. "Vem? Jag..!?
iPhoneApp Spy
If you enjoyed this game on either PC or PSOne when it was first released, then you will love this latest port to iPhone as it contains all the elements of the original with extra goodies such as better graphics, a great soundtrack and additional mini games to play.
Atmosphärisch gelungenes Spiel rund um die automobile Verfolgungsjagd. Das Flair der Krimiserien aus den 70ern, in denen noch saftige Helden in Hubraummonstern durch die Strassen jagten, wird in Driver perfekt wiedererweckt. Hätte man sich beim Sound etwas mehr Mühe gegeben und Multiplayer nicht vernachlässigt, wäre der Award sicher gewesen.
PlayStationGaming Entertainment Monthly
In conclusion Driver is a top-notch driving package that is well worth taking a gander of a look. If you're not convinced, just play it safe and invest a measly amount of time and money on a rental of Driver. It does have a couple problems that keep it from being a classic, but this truly original driving game should not be missed out.
Diver, c'est le jeu de course-action qui s'impose. Dans un scénario à mi-chemin entre "Un flic dans la Mafia" et "Starsky et Hutch", Reflections nous propose une très bonne adaptation du jeu PlayStation qui procure des sensations aussi intenses que variées. Un jeu qui fera référence...
MacintoshMac Gamer
Overall, Driver is a very well rounded game. I had very few gripes. My only major problem with the gameplay is the rather unrealistic police action. You can run a red, go on the sidewalk, or nearly kill somebody, and a police officer wouldn't give a darn. But if you so much as tap another car, or go one mile an hour over the speed limit in a cop's site, the whole city goes after you. Contrary to some other driving games, Driver doesn't get boring quickly. With a number of extra features, missions, four extensive cities, and great gameplay, you'll be sure to remain behind the wheel for quite some time.
WindowsSports Gaming Network
This game had incredible potential. The combination of free-roaming Microsoft Madness type cities with a mission-based gameplay structure was and is a fantastic idea. But the implementation could have been better. Maybe the next version will be better (and with a hit this big, I'm sure a sequel is inevitable). Despite some nice touches like a good arcade driving model and quality force feedback, my honest advice is to rent the Playstation version for a weekend of fun.
The music and sound effects in Driver are quite good. The '70s funk music really gives the game a gritty underworld feel that puts you in the mood for some lawbreaking action. The sound effects are all actually quite well done, which unfortunately can't be said for the voices of the characters in the game. Overall, Driver is a game that might be mediocre in its presentation but more than makes up for it in its gameplay and concept. The best thing about Driver is the feeling you get when you're speeding away from the fuzz after smashing your way through a roadblock. It's the feeling of impending doom - which can only be overcome by keeping your wits about you and your thumb on the gas - that makes playing Driver quite fun.
I'm pretty sure this game will sell lots of copies for the PC version too, once again reinforcing the fact that developers can publish their games when they aren't really ready. The savegame system is terrible, and there are plenty of AI and graphics glitches. If you can get past these issues, and can actually get the game to run (looking at GT's message boards shows that plenty of people are still having problems), then it's a slammin' good time.
WindowsGame Chronicles
There is plenty to like about Driver and a few things you may not like at all. Unless you are extremely gifted, your patience will be tested just to pass the driving skills exam required to play the game. Then your continued patience will be taxed while you play and replay many of the harder missions. I'm not ashamed to admit that I located and used the Cheat Codes to either make myself invulnerable or to simply turn off the cops. On the good side, Driver is the only true car chase game out there aside from Midtown Madness. The action is intense and the replay functions will keep you playing just to watch the playback after you've totaled your car. Despite all its faults, Driver is quite addictive and a blast to play. Drive hard, drive fast, and keep it between the lines.
It’s not difficult to fathom Driver’s performance at retail, where it has flown off the shelves. It presses all of the right buttons, marrying real-world and movie components to often thrilling effect. Bar its propensity to crash, and some repetitious gameplay, this is great stuff.
Las repeticiones de las misiones son al más puro estilo de Hollywood, con un gran número de ángulos de cámara, aproximaciones, etc....las cuales podremos cortar y montar con el fin de realizar una repetición digna de una secuencia de película de persecución policiaca, y poder guardarla para posterior visualización y disfrute. La ambientación del juego es genial, y nos hace meternos en el papel de Tanner, el protagonista, nada más comenzar a jugar la primera misión.
WindowsAbsolute Games (
Типичный закос под идею GTA, но в трехмерном исполнении и с максимально полным использованием современных графических наворотов. Хочется верить, что это начало великих и ужасных по своему драйву игр, а не жалкая попытка сотворить красивую поделку и на ее красоте собирать похвалы. Старайтесь, и мы вам поможем.
WindowsGamer's Pulse
What Driver tries to be, and what it is in reality are two different things. What Driver tries to be is a mesh of the crime and mayhem of Grand Theft Auto set in a real-time 3D world much like Midtown Madness. What it results in is a mediocre take off on Grand Theft Auto, meshed into a somewhat realistic world that can only aspire to be Midtown Madness. While this may be a bit harsh, the fact is that Driver executes poorly in almost all aspects. Whether it be gameplay, sound or graphics, Driver falls short of the great potential that it has. A poor first offering doesn’t necessarily end all possibility of a sequel that can outshine the first, Heavy Gear 2 being a prime example of this. Despite this, I won’t hold my breath in anticipation of a Driver 2. Unless you’re desperate for some 3D car driving crime, I suggest buying a copy of Grand Theft Auto or Midtown Madness and wait until Driver hits the bargain bins.
MacintoshMac Addict
A few graphical tweaks and even some rudimentary changes to the interface would have made Driver an instant and all-time Mac classic, but this product has always been problematic and the Mac version feels particularly unloved and unfinished. But it's still, to coin a phrase, hecka fun.
With all of this in mind, Driver is a solid driving game, but one that clearly shows its age.
Windowsincite PC Gaming
As it stands, Driver is an initially exciting game. However, once the initial buzz of the car chase fades, the game has little to offer.
WindowsDeaf Gamers
Driver has no option to enable subtitles and the cutscenes are unsubtitled. There is a minimal amount of text feedback from time to time but on the whole it's disappointing for deaf gamers. Graphically the game looks very poor by today's standards but at least you'll be able to run the game on full detail without worrying about any slowdown. The game was considered a classic in its day but time has not been kind to Driver. That said it's still a better game that Driver 3 (or DRIV3R as it's called) and if you want to play the game then £4.99 is a fair price to pay for it.
So yeah, because the pieces and parts of Driver aren't as refined as they should have been, the game doesn't live up to its popularity. If you can overcome the frustration of the training sessions, it does eventually become entertaining in a burnt rubber, exhaust fuming, dented metal sort of way. The thing is, unless you're into cars or 70s nostalgia, it may not be worth the wait.
PlayStationGame Critics
I was severely disappointed by Driver. Hoping to recreate an old anime experience, I was presented with competent car handling with occasional sparks of car-chase excitement debilitated by a game design inept at immersion. What sums it up best is Driver's tribute to the French Connection stage where I chased a monorail in pursuit of a passenger. It goes through all the motions of the film's most riveting scene. But with a horrid FMV scene opening the level, ridiculously tight restrictions in chasing the monorail, and zero follow-up FMV to close the level, its fails to capture any sense of the tension and drama that made the whole sequence famous.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
Driver has some of the most impressive action I have seen because of its riveting driving and damage models. These two things combined with the radical AI lead to some thrilling car chases and spectacular escape sequences. Just loading up one of the driving games and giving this thing some gas is almost worth the price of admission. In this sense, Reflections has captured the essence of driving action as no one else has, but the absence of an online mode and frustrating, monotonous solo missions let the air out of this game's tires. Plus, the overdone AI and underwritten graphics boldface the inherent imbalances in a game that has more promise than reward. When Reflections gets under the hood of this franchise for the inevitable sequel, I hope it rolls out an unqualified winner. Driver is a good start, but could have been better.
When we first got hold of Driver, it looked exciting. It had made quite a name for itself on the Playstation, and I'm a big fan of racing games and gonzo action. It seems, though, that the Playstation is where it belongs. The translation was done poorly, and the game's mediocre graphics, lousy sound, and contrived gameplay are much more forgivable on an old console than a new PC title. With no redeeming story, but rather, a half-baked one that doesn't even have the guts to proclaim its main character is a criminal, the only real draw of Driver is those who want to turn on Freight Train cheat mode, and drive around town sending cars flying 100 feet into the air. While this can be entertaining for a half-hour or so, it doesn't come close to justifying purchase of the game.