Driver Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPhone version

Opening cinematic intro
Main title screen
Main options menu
Proving your worth as a wheel-man.
Use your answering machine to check for new job offers
Your apartment
Cruising the streets of Miami
Picking up some bank robbers
Chasing down an armoured car
Whoa... this thing is a real boat!
One of the many full motion video cut scenes present in the game.
Nice sunset
Night driving
Driving a taxi cab on the streets of San Francisco
Rainy streets at night
Police chase
Hurry! Get to da choppa!
Driving a stolen police car on the streets of New York
The driving game menu
Example of one of the driving games, hit all the road cones.
Training in the desert

PlayStation version

Loading Screen 1
Main Menu
Undercover Mission
In Pursuit
Loading Screen 2
Side View
Film Director
Streets of San Francisco
We've picked up a friend.
Running a roadblock.
Your car visibly deforms with increased damage.
Map of the driveable area of San Fran.
Time trial minigame.
Cars frequently lose their hubcaps, a la "Bullit."
Enter the film director from any game mode and edit a replay.
Chasing our ghost car in Time Trial.
Getaway minigame. Also, pretty much every mission in the main game.
Hit quick replay at any time for a serviceable, random selection of angles.
Miami at night.
Headlights and simple shadows.

Windows version

Main menu
Racing Broadway in a Cadillac
Roadblock? What roadblock?
Stay, good cop, stay...
Can't touch me!
The chase is still on
Still on...
Double whammy!
Objective in sight
One of the few physics glitches in the game...
Take a Ride, Miami default starting location
Taking a ride in Miami with a fast bonus car, unlocked after finishing the game
Dirt track practice
Select car option, unlocked on the PC version after completing the game
Dropped camera view
Hubcaps can fall of when driving recklessly
Taking a ride in New York