Drop! 2 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The install process puts eGames' 'Game Butler' onto the players machine and it is from here that Drop! 2 and the bonus game are run
The game's menu. Note the change in name to 'Drop Extreme'
There's a very thorough tutorial to this game that explains the absolute basics
Each game starts with a summary like this
In most of the games the player can only exchange two drops horizontally. When three or more of the same colour are lined up, horizontally or vertically, they disappear
Normally the drops fall at a steady pace but occasionally there's a Drop Storm where lots arrive at the same time. Drop Storms occur in all four game variants.
The game ends when one columns reaches the top of the play area. That's what has happened here and a high score has been achieved
The high score table for this game
This is the RELOADED game. The object is to remove the star blocks to advance to the next level. Gameplay though is the same as in other games.
This is a shot of the VERTICAL game. Gameplay is the same as in all other games but here only adjacent vertical drops can be swapped
The GOLD game features special drops that will clear the board entirely or of a specific coloured drop. It also features stone drops that cannot be swapped and steel drops that cannot be removed
This is from the GOLD variant. In the bottom right is a stone drop that cannot be moved. The falling crystal drop will remove all green drops from the game area
A shot from the GOLD variant. If the selected GOLD drop can be moved to the bottom of the screen then all drops will be removed from the game area
A shot from the GOLD variant. Eventually the steel drops build up and swamp the play area