Advertising Blurbs

    Tetris meets Sudoku in this original, addictive puzzle game.

    Drop7 combines the easy fun of casual drop-and-break games with the smart, brain-stretching enjoyment of simple number puzzles.

    Drop numbered discs into the grid. Whenever the number on a disc matches the amount of discs in its row or column it disappears. Keep the board open to keep scoring, and survive as long as you can. Clear the board or set off huge chains for big bonus points.

    • Master the unique gameplay twist in seconds but fine-tune your strategies forever.

    • Choose from three modes of play: the more relaxed Normal Mode, the fast-paced Hardcore Mode, or the mysterious Sequence Mode in which you will be given the exact same discs as everyone else on the planet for the ultimate test of strategy!

    • Record your high scores and track your average score in each mode to see how you improve over time.

    • Zone out to the hypnotic numerical spell of Drop7 -- you may become a master without even trying!

    Contributed by Lampbane (3074) on Jan 30, 2009.