Dropzone Screenshots

User Screenshots

Atari 8-bit version

Title screen
Encountering a Planter
Rescuing men
Wave 1 completed
Game over, no highscore

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
High scores
Game start
Near the dropzone itself
Dropping someone in
Only 2 left to be dropped
Level completed, bonus being awarded
Level 2 has tougher waves
Game over

Game Boy version

Title screen
Your adversaries
Materialising onto the planet
Destroying an alien into a pixelated explosion
Taking the little men back home
More men means more bonus
A flying saucer?
Exploding into smithereens
I did poorly

Game Gear version

Title screen
Title screen with more adversaries
Even more adversaries
Player 1 up
The Planter has an android
Lots of action
The shots are hard to capture on-screen
Attack wave 1 completed
The rescued men go here
You explode like a lemming
Game over, with a bad score

Game Boy Color version

I suppose this is the splash screen
The legalities
To cope with the bad screen of the GBC, you may choose a colour scheme
Your adversaries
The rules explained
The arrow points towards a man in trouble
Exploding in lots of pixels
Dropping off men at the dropzone
Wave 01 over
Defending the base against Planters
Game over
That's me at #2
Playing in the white colour scheme
Playing on an old Gameboy
Hall of Fame (high scores)
I have cloak turned on.

NES version

Title screen
The game gives you information about the enemies.
Getting started.
Trying to shoot the pesky green guy.
Game over. I need to practice more. I know.