Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Dog Autopsy Room.
I kill that son-of-a-bitch!!

Macintosh version

Main menu (demo version).
The Mac port can draw scanlines on Medium and Low detail settings.
Scanlines can also be drawn in 640x480 mode.
The 640x480 mode with High detail is generally similar to the DOS version.
The Low detail setting makes everything very blocky.
The Mac-exclusive DNMACS cheat code replaces security camera screens with Mac desktops.

Windows version

Game title
Main menu
Select episode
Starting the first episode
Out in L.A. streets
"The Birth" episode intro
Starting "The Birth" episode
Eat this!
Demo play
More flying pigs
About to stomp on an a mini-d enemies
These creatures prefer underwater locations
Let's use RPG here
Two blown to smitherins, one to go
Chaingun works well against LAPD pigs
Up close and personal
Area 51
One of the new enemies
Oh, the pain

Xbox 360 version

Title screen
The XBL port contains all three original episodes, plus the fourth from the Plutonium Pak.
Looking good in HD.
The right thumbstick controls your view up and down.
You can toggle the sidebar art on or off.
You can also toggle five levels of image smoothing (this is level 5.. no need to check your glasses).
You can also toggle a "motion blur" effect for when you fall or get shot.
The port tracks your stats for every level. Completionists rejoice!
A gallery of original concept art is included as a bonus.
You can toggle descriptions for each piece.
Characters maintain some detail up close.
Character shadows can be turned on or off.
You get a saved recording of that level when you die, and can jump back in at any point in the recording.
You can save replays and trade them with your friends.