Dune 2000

Dune 2000 Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
A spice harvester lifted by a carry-all
Troops protecting your base
Attacking enemy base
The Atreides Mentat
The Harkonnen Mentat
The Ordos Mentat
A reverend mother
Being a prisoner to Harkonnens means one thing, and one thing only - certain death.
Now that is what I call spice justice.
There it goes, kaboom!
Inside the Harkonnen Base
Atreides forces VS. Ordos forces
Now this is how game actually looks.
The emperor, looks quite the same as in the original.
The renowned Harkonnen troopers scene.
Building up your base as Atreides.
Selecting where to strike next.
Each new mission gives you some new things to produce (units and buildings).
The worm is now represented just with some smaller lightning, but is hungry just the same.
Building concrete slabs before the building to place it upon has the same functionality as in the original, to get the full HP and wrecks less.
Mission accomplished.
Infantry has the advantage of moving over the rocky areas, hence being harder to hit.
Sometimes, you'll need to hire some mercenaries to aid you in your battles.