Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty Screenshots

User Screenshots

Acorn 32-bit version

Title screen
Select your house
Introduction to the planet
Mentat Cyril
Starting out
Construction menu
Building in progress
Harvester is being attacked by an enemy

Amiga version

Title screen.
The harvester (Introduction).
The Emperor (Introduction).
The Deviators (Introduction).
Only one House will prevail (Introduction)...
Choose your faction.
Mentat will give you orders before each mission.
Concrete slab is ready to place.
You can build more structures in the construction yard.
Without concrete slabs, your building will need repairs.
The harvested Spice is changed into credits.
Select next region to attack.
Need more credits for radio outpost.

DOS version

Main Menu
Game title
Intro sequence shot
Choose your house
The Mentat
A construction menu
Harkonnen start with Quads as they cherish firepower over strategy.
Emperor started a duel and all hell broke loose.
Harkonnen mentat giving you somewhat interesting piece of advice.
When purchasing units from smugglers at the Starport, wait for the right price.
A regular combat tank, powerful enough and can squash enemy infantry.
Rocket turrets are the ultimate defense to your base from both aerial and ground units.
Emperor of the known universe... in the end to become a pawn in his own game.
Atreides base in one of the earlier missions.
When having the palace, Atreides can get help from Fremen warriors.
Last field standing always turns purple as Emperor himself openly allies with two opposing sides.
Harkonnen get the dreadful Death Hand missile at disposal the moment they can build the palace.
Starting with Ordos, exploring the map in search for the spice hotspots.
A large Ordos base.
Join to House Ordos
First mission
Kill Harkonnens!
Single enemy, easy target to Ordos bike
Harvester is under attack
House Atreides information
Ordos information
Sand Worm
Mission completed
Ordos Raider Trike has a problem
World map
Ordos base
Fast raider trike - 150 gold, but quite good.
The mentat of the house Atreides.