Dungeon Lords MMXII Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The title screen looks weird - a bit like a cover...
Intro: this is the good wizard. I wonder how the bad one will look like... Nothing has changed compared to the original version
A short in-game intro with still pictures
Starting area. Yup, the graphics have received a facelift... though really not much
Full map - a new feature in this version. Very helpful, indeed!..
Fighting slimes in sewers. Classic. Even with the brightness cranked up, this version is noticeably darker
Chest interface - now you can bash 'em! You'll still be hurt by traps, though
Revamped skill system
A goblin shoots speers at me from the other side; I need to find a way to fix the bridge to get to the critter. Note the arrows stuck in the heroine
Fighting a fearsome ogre in an empty theater!
There is a huge amount of items in the game. All those are needed for a special magical discipline
Welcome to the large town of Fargrove, where the first act will take place
Me too! Looks like we have something in common... And indeed, a few seconds later she makes a date with me. Seriously!
One of the spartan, nondescript rooms in the game. The protagonist turns around if you don't move for a while
Ambushed by cutthroats in the Slums district! Oh, boy - even with respawn rate set to lowest, those enemies just keep coming!..
Trading interface. Lots of things to buy
A magician's shop and a guild at once. The amount of topics to converse about is staggering
Beautiful all-around battle on a bridge at night
Lovely art in the local church