Dungeon Master II: Skullkeep Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Interplay Logo
FTL Logo
intro anim
options menu
where it always start..
hibernating party members..
time to stand up, party member
the same old and perfect interface
objects can be moved..
anyone has a lighter ?
painting always hide something..
the long awaited automap.
your fisrt worm-type monster.
merchants are now real NPCs
trading selection screen

DOS version

Intro sequence
Title screen
Main menu
Loading game
Time to pick some companions
Will this be your companion?
Climb the ladder
A chest! Treasure!
Another obstacle
The inventory screen and moneybox
Browsing through the merchant's wares
A merchant displays a helmet
The result of attacking the guard with low-level characters

FM Towns version

Title screen
Main menu
Loading, and what a plain looking loading screen it is
Picking party members
Flamehair? Yeah, why not
Finding an apple in a bag. What luck!
Lighting the fireplace
Inventory screen
Helmet shopping
Hey don't look at me like that, it's not like I wanted to leave without paying
The monster rages because I took his apple
Bane trying to find the umbrella menu

PC-98 version

The short intro...
...which turns into the main manu
Getting started
Character screen
That's... a ladder
Found a treasure chest
Have you considered a new interior decorator?..
Touch the curtains, they will open. Nice detail
A stash of goodies
Now, this is scary...
Wandering in darkness, in rain...
Strange contraption
How to open this gate? We try to cast a spell. No result
Yeah, a clean, dry shirt is what I need now...
A wolf approaches
Looks like they paid too dearly for this treasure...
How to move this boulder?..

SEGA CD version

Developer screen
Main menu
Here a potential party member sleeps.
Let's wake a party member.
Move some tables around.
A nice picture, let's see what is behind it.
Some useful items behind a picture.
Encounter with an enemy
Encounter in stormy weather
Armor shop
Weapon shop
One of the shopkeeper's guards
A locked entrance
The bones of a fellow party member