Dunjonquest: Temple of Apshai Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Title screen
Greetings by the Innkeeper.
Character generation
A fine selection of weapons.
Haggling with the shopkeeper.
You can also buy shields, ...
..., armor, ...
..., and other stuff.
Monster speed can be set before entering the dungeon. The game is in "pseudo-realtime" (timed delay).
Character overview.
Ready, steady, ...
... GO!
Game begins, immediately greeted by a skeleton.
Fighting a skeleton.
Grabbed a treasure ("#20"). The manuals identifies this to be trash.
Another room, another skeleton...
A swamp rat.
Killed it!
Found a secret door!
Attacked by giant mosquitoes.
Finally, some useful treasure: #1!
Leaving the dungeon.
Saving your character.
Showing the treasures I found.
As the game doesn't save your money, you can enter any amount here.
A captivating battle against a skeleton.
Two secret doors found.
Fighting centipedes hiding under a chest.
I should have run...
... but if you die, you may be rescued by fellow adventurers and resurrected -- at a price, of course.

Atari 8-bit version

Title screen
Create a new character?
Purchasing weapons
Haggling over the price of a shield
I now have a character; ready to enter the dungeon?
Beginning a dungeon
A mosquito blocks my path!
I'm too tired to move, better rest a bit
An ant man has struck thee!

Commodore 64 version

Title Screen
Buy a sword?
Now unlocking the dungeon...
Game beginning
Mosquito from hell
Game over

Commodore PET/CBM version

Title screen. Game needs a 32K PET
Equipping the new character
Done equipping. Load from tape or disk?
Start of level 1
Another room in level 1

DOS version

Title screen
Create a new character, or use a previous character?
Here's your character stats...
Haggling for a weapon.
Buying some items.
Getting ready to visit the first level.
In a dungeon; watch out for this giant rat!
Exploring...not much here!
Look out, an ant man!
Ant man attacks...try to fight back with a bow and arrow.
A skelton blocks the path.
Thou art slain! (game over)
I died, but was rescued! Re-enter the dungeon?
If you wrote down your last characters stats, you can enter them in (or just make up some stats)

TRS-80 version

Title screen
Setting up a new character.
Buying a sword.
Need any armor?
Character setup done, ready to enter the dungeon?
Entered the dungeon.
A creature has spotted me and is ready to attack...
Fighting an opponent.
That white block indicates some sort of treasure is there...

VIC-20 version

Title screen
Create a new character?
Character summary
Purchasing a weapon
Haggling over the price of a bow
Entering a dungeon
A mosquito attacks!
My character is too tired to move at the moment
Fighting an antman
A long narrow passageway...
Thy game is over; reenter the dungeon?