Dust: An Elysian Tail Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
This is the starting point of the game; our hero Dust doesn't remember anything.
Fidget is Dust's first friend and comes along for the game to help with story and game mechanics.
The game gives players a handy quick reference to the controller functions.
This section is called the Glade; the hand-painted graphics in the game are gorgeous.
The game has plenty of secret areas and this is one of them. You must find a key to open the chest as well.
For some reason this small herd of deer comes running by as you play, but they are just decoration.
This is what the checkpoints look like; you can auto-save or manually save to a separate save slot.
About to face down some enemies carrying clubs that are thicker than their own torsos.
Trying out a newly discovered ability called "Dust Storm" which is good for attacking mobs.
If no controller is found then the user interface is available through this tabbed grouping.
When there is a controller then the user interface is a bit different and the player must cycle through the tabs with LB and RB.
Here is the map feature with the legend shown.
The QTE to unlock chests.
Dust spins his sword for a powerful attack
My character has died.