The Greatest TV Trivia Quiz is a UK DVD game for up to four players/teams. It is based exclusively on shows from the first fifty years of the ITV network (1955-2005)

The teams are referred to by the colours red, green, blue and yellow. The game is played over three rounds. At the start of each round the players/teams are asked a question in turn until each has had a chance to answer three questions. When it is their turn the player has the option to answer an easy, medium or hard question worth one, two or three points respectively. The round ends with three 'All Play' questions in which the first to shout out the answer is the only player who takes part. Round three is identical in format to rounds one and two but the scoring is different because in this round a player can win one, two or three points for a correct answer but will lose points for an incorrect answer. The game maintains the scores for all teams, no need for a pencil and paper.

The game has music more-or-less throughout, the game is hosted by Neil Fox who appears for the introduction, instructions, at the start of each round and congratulations at the end of the game, during the game his voice can be heard saying things like '"Well Done!" after random questions.

Typical questions will show a still picture or a short video clip, the question could be about something that happened in the clip, a character's name, someone who appeared in the show or in a spin-off show. Other questions include identifying a shoe from a catchphrase, an actor/character from a jumbled picture and so on


The Greatest TV Trivia Quiz DVD Player Choosing a team colour
The Greatest TV Trivia Quiz DVD Player The game's first menu screen<br>The 'How To Play' option has Neil Fox explaining how the rounds are formatted and how the scoring works
The Greatest TV Trivia Quiz DVD Player The title screen follows the usual company logos and piracy warning
The Greatest TV Trivia Quiz DVD Player Here the player got a question right, there's another screen with 'Bad Luck, You Scored 0' that looks the same apart from the text

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