Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - The Action Adventure Screenshots (DVD Player)

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Main menu
Although it says teams, one player is enough
Background story
Intro cinematic: Lara meeting Von Croy
Intro cinematic: Suddenly the old man is shot
Mission objective
Lara climbing a ladder - from multiple views!
Control system explained
Found a gun
Shoot or stealth attack?
Earning a point for going the stealthy way
Look command is used to examine the surrounding and can lead to more commands being available
Lara being chased by a police helicopter
Play safe means that the game autoplays itself
Five points can be earned in each level (but are not needed to progress)
A pass code is given for each completed level
Trying to avoid getting shot by helicopter
Some chatting - all dialogue in the game consists of two options
Quick time event - press the buttons in sequence
Showing inventory
Sometimes an items has to be used in a situation
At the Parisian night club
It's like any platformer - except someone else is playing
Pick the right password - or: get shot
Shooting sequence (against a poor dog)
This QTE has to be memorized
And this one involve pressing the up key repeatedly
Sometimes passcodes have to be located and entered
It's a bomb!
This looks hot
Planting some explosives
Swimming - you have to choose quickly or...
...or Lara will drown
At the Louvre
What a lovely pict...ugh!
Not fair play: shooting a poor guard in the back
Using a security cam
Searching a room
Go for it is slightly vague - but like likely lead to another QTE
Got to choose quickly or get killed by gas
A puzzle involving a clock
Kurtis makes an appearance in this game too - but a very short one
Game over
When restarting a game the player must enter a pass code to restart at the level from which they reached in the previous gaming session