Dynasty Wars Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Intro (I)
Intro (II)
Character Bio (I)
Character Bio (II)
Title Screen
Character Selection
Charging Enemy Infantry
Archers make the worst enemies

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Opening story
High scores
Choose your hero.
Round 1
Starting out.
Fighting foot soldiers.
I can collect this item.
Fighting the General and his aide.
Got him.
Round 2
Starting the second round.
I met enemies in the woods.
The General killed me. Game over.

Arcade version

Select character
Fight starts
Calvary archers
Life lost
Destroy barricades
Gate to enemy camp
Teu mang
Boss fight
They hit me
Some fire

Atari ST version

Title screen
From the intro
One of the characters you can play
The high score table
Character selection screen
Starting level one
Enemies attacks from both front and back
Archers shoot fire arrows
A power-up
Fighting a general
One general down ? to go
At the ocean
Moving fires
That chest hides a bonus item
The mountain road
Mortally wounded
Game over

Commodore 64 version

Select Character
Level one loading
Game start
Killing rider provides bonus
Some items block common attack paths destroy to remove
Another type of power-up from killed rider
Archers firing from a distance
Entering new area
Special object after destroying them provide power-ups
Another rider killed
Slugging it out with another rider
Killed the general - bonus power-up
Level end with score level special tactics and exp gain
Loading level 2
Special tactic is field fire that crosses screen bottom to top
Archers always out of reach
More archers leaving this area
Kill rider bonuses and archers from the distance
Catapults and other beasts
Loading level 3
Getting surrounded
Special tactic boulders while attacking another rider
Taking on archers and using special tactic of explode

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
Cool dragon!
To battle!!..
The heroes of the Three Kingdoms
Character selection
Round announcement is accompanied by nice pictures
Liu Bei attacks regular, weak guys
Cavalary comes to help
Battle on a mountain side. The pot may contain a power-up
Running away :)
Zhang Fei meets the first boss
Post-stage cutscene
Light RPG elements
Those bastards set the house on fire!..
Dude, just let me pass
Catapults in a forest
Boss battle against two riders
Battle in a city
Oh no...

ZX Spectrum version

Descriptions of the playable characters
Input configuration
Character selection
Round 1
Start of the game
Dead for no reason