Dynatech Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Main menu
Setting up the game
Intro (an advertisment for the Dynatech Corp.)
My office (notice the split-screen)
The in-game options
The bank
Taking a loan to start up my business
My oil rig (yes, oil is still in high demand in the 25th century)
Buying a depot for my oil
The mighty Dynatech Corp.
The spaceport.
I need a tanker to trade my oil
A freighter for raw materials
A freighter for consumer goods
Nope, sorry, no fighter, just a plain old freighter ;)
Closing a Deal
Checking the stats of one of my freighters
Visiting the city
A quick look my assets (and those of my competitors)
Checking the market
Here are my open orders
You can also manufacture sodas
The market wants machines, I comply
Investing in a plastic plant. There is always a high demand for Barbies ;)
A steel mill
A cattle farm. I guess, there is still McDonalds around ...
Food is always in demand
Planning a delivery to Terra (good old Earth)
Here you can check the waht and how many facilities have been build. This is necessary for further development.
My stored goods
Check this out "Ewing Oil"! Dallas anybody ? ;)
Browsing the market
The developers sure took some well known for rival companies.
Melmac? Guess they want cats ...
The highscores table (I didn't make it)