Earthworm Jim 2 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

"Title screen" and main menu.
Jim shows the name of the next stage.
Start of your mission
Shoot the creature
Using your gun
Pick up a pig
Pig Chute

Genesis version

Sega logo is "jimmified"
Title screen
Level announcement
Starting level
What a pig!
Grandma's chair
Jim has to work hard
Jim can fly!
Side-scrolling arcade shooter?
Mission is clear...
No! Not a coffin!
I have read too many books
The funniest "Level Complete" screen around
Mouse cage!
Jim is blind
Jim is slowly sinking into a pizza
Hey, it's just... a door!
Running, running, running...
I don't want to be eaten!
Giant hammer falls on Jim's hard
Fire death

SNES version

Title Screen
In Game
Gruesome death screen...
A level begins
Jim looks confused
Oh no! So many pigs! Where is Jim?!..
Level completed. You see two cows. And what did you expect?
Ouch, it's hot in here!
Hey, I'm an intellectual, I hate physical work...
Happy now, pinky devil?!
Oh, no!! I'm so... small
You can only float in this level. Be careful not to touch the edges
Wow, a scrolling shooter level!
Flying over a swamp
Good question!
Sounds simple enough...
Picking up a cow! Wow!!
Nice house... and I can't get through
Electrified and killed
Funny Nintendo logo
Be careful with your teeth!
My knowledge and wisdom were too much...
This level consists of... paper
A food level! Jim is killed by... salt!!
Walking up the salami, with hamburger background
Run, Jim!
Jim is shooting
Catch the Psy-Crow now!
How many sharp yokes! Can Jim escape from this menace?
Our hero receiving a "heavy" punishment...