Earthworm Jim 3D Screenshots

User Screenshots

Nintendo 64 version

Title screen
Jim's friends
Hero appears!
Dialogue with green blob
Big eyes
Not there.
Hamster in circle
First enemy
Barrels? Something else?
Bird - general
Angry birds :D
Flying and avoiding rocket in same time is hard.
Body as a whip - suit works automatically

Windows version

Main menu
After an accident with a cow Jim is in the hospital.
Your task: collect your lost marbles to awake from your coma.
One of the marbles. The slime gives advices about the game.
A puzzle. If you want this door open you have to whip the hamster.
In the middle of a fight
A quest: find his underwear...
Getting out of the elevator at the start of the game
Entering the second main area, Happiness
Speaking to the Golden Cow
A view from the level, "Lord of the Fries"