Earthworm Jim: Special Edition Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPhone version

Gameloft Logo featuring the comedic Earthworm Jim
Title screen
The options menu
The level select screen. Something that all the other versions do not have.
The loading screen for the first level
Starting point of New Junk City
Ah yes, the infamous "Cow Launching" segment of the game
Firing off Jim's big red gun
The "Andy Asteroids" bonus stage. Use the Iphone or Ipod Touch tilt controls to move Jim's ship left and right in these stages.
Level 2: What the Heck?
Level 2's mid level boss: a snowman!
Level 3: Down the Tubes
Look out below! Battle Major Mucus via bungee cord.
Ouch! That's gotta hurt!
Level 5... Aptly named: "Level 5"
Navigate Peter Puppy through this challenging level.
Intestinal Distress, indeed
The Iphone and Ipod Touch version also features a music player. Replace the ingame music with tracks from your own library.

J2ME version

Title screen
Loading screen
Starting out (behind a huge d-pad)
A refrigerator and a cow. Smells like a puzzle.
Getting bitten by this "thing"
Shooting down a pestering bird
Running up the conveyor while not being hit by junk
Hanging around and shooting things down
The first boss
One level completed, time for the next one
Racing through an asteroid field
The second level

SEGA CD version

Nicely animated from the beginning.
Title screen with main menu
Loading screen, on the upper left we see the bosses.
Hang around and get bitten by dog-like enemies.
Shoot your gun.
Grab the worm...
Use worms as a whip.
Drop the fridge and launch the cow!
Fly around like a helicopter.
Use the worm as a liane.
Use you gun to accelerate.
Fight some minor boss.
Dead Earthworm
Just a worm without a suit.
About to get whirled.
Fight the boss.
Receive a password at the end of each level.
Race into Space
Game over screen

Windows version

Title Screen (Double Size Window)
First Level (Double Size Window)
Shoot The Crow (Double Size Window)
Swinging (Double Size Window)
Whipping (Double Size Window)
Fifi The Rabid Dog (Double Size Window)
Jim races Psy-Crow through an astroid field.
Bungee Jumping battle.
Driving a submarine.
What the heck?
Running away from Big Bruty
Don't try this at home