Eat This Screenshots (Windows 3.x)

User Screenshots

Windows 3.x version

Main menu (shareware version).
Episode selection screen, typical for Apogee model shareware games.
Level loading screen.
The first level starts as Leon crashes his truck into an alien trooper. The game isn't shy of coarse language.
Graphics options menu.
One of available graphics modes doubles the original resolution and adds scanlines.
The game is also capable of stretching video output to whatever resolution the host system is running at.
The quick help screen.
In the streets of New York city during alien invasion.
The aliens are all over the place, waiting to ambush Leon. Some throw grenades from the safety of higher ground.
Certain areas can only be reached by pulling off acrobatic jumps like this.
This ain't no product placement!
Now this is symbolic on several levels. And also very cliché. Leon needs to collect colour-coded keycards as in so many classic action games.
First level completed!
Leon can push certain crates and other items to reveal passageways and/or to climb higher.