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Back of Case - Playstation (US):
    In 1913 the ship Orpheus mysteriously vanished, 45 souls were lost...

    .....or were they? Echo Night thrusts you into the middle of a supernatural adventure to past times and distant places. As Echo Night's spellbinding story unfolds, you'll visit past eras, meet unusual characters, and learn the secrets of the dead. Be warned, this adventure is not without peril. There are devious mini-games and puzzles to survive before you discover what really happened to the Oprheus, its passengers, and the ancient talisman stones. Echo Night is one adventure you won't soon forget.

    • A first-person adventure
    • Explore over 10 eerie locations
    • Interact with over 40 characters
    • Travel through time
    • 3 unique endings

    Contributed by Daedolon (5181) on May 26, 2009.