ECHO: Secrets of the Lost Cavern Screenshots

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Windows version

The main menu.
The game's encyclopedia is quite informative.
This lion traps the hero, Arok, in a cavern at the very beginning.
This item is pretty obvious, though others will require more searching around.
Looking closely at items in the inventory...
The story so far...
A fire is an invaluable tool in the aftermath of the Ice Age...
This is a sort of signature left by a prehistoric artist.
The exteriors are quite detailed.
Here's our hero, Arok. Slightly effeminate for a prehistoric hunter...
Arok is surprised by the appearance of a beast
Arok is given a stone gift by Klem (during a cut scene)
The rushing river looks real.
Tika, a young herbalist would-be healer.
Lharik, another cave painter
Moonlight and ceremonial torches light your way.
This puzzle is really a musical one.
Klem in his ceremonial garb