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User Screenshots

iPhone version

Title Screen
Select a level to begin
Roll your cube around and collect the Prism
The cube constantly shifts color as you play
Push towards an edge and you'll climb it
Reached the end of the level!
When you finish, you're shown your time and rank
A little trickier - watch out for holes and blocks trying to push you
Explore the level and find more Prisms
Keep moving! These thin tiles fall away as you land on them
The little gray squares are switches
There's the exit...but this hole looks suspicious...
The hole leads you to a tiny island!
The Question Marks give you a hint if you stay on them for a brief time
Ride this platform to the next area
Down the steps
Pushing this button will rearrange the floor so you can safely cross
Where to now?
The platforms move quickly in this area
This thick corridor can make it hard to see hidden tricks

J2ME version

Main menu
Falling through space
Here's where we begin.
Climbing on the edge
Level completed
Level results
Riding on a moving platform
The cube is moving and I have to move onto it to get further.
Moving over the switch will cause parts of the blocks to move.
Standing on a question mark produces a holograph that shows how to tackle a problem
This platform takes me to another island of blocks.
This bridge moves forth and back and I need to time my movement so as to not fall down
Here I am being pushed around by these constantly moving blocks.
Catching the "train" at the metro
These are thin and fall off when I move over them. Therefore I need to be careful in selecting my route to get all the prisms (while not falling down).

Windows version

Main menu (Dutch version)
An overview of the standard levels (Dutch version)
Ranking after a game (Dutch version)
Wait for the highlighted columns to get out of the way.
Carefully balancing the cube. Control is very direct, so you can easily return to your starting position.
I just crossed a tricky chessboard field.
This pad warps you to the next level.
Move over the question mark to see a demonstration of how to progress.
A transparent cube shows you a new technique.
You will often need the mini map in the top left corner to navigate.
Navigating the small cube. It is easier to move around and climb a single surface almost endlessly.
The tricky and fast-paced metropolis level
Hang on to the moving cube to traverse the gap.
Zoomed out to get a better overview. This is done automatically.
Crossing the gap before the tiles retract.
My cube disappears inside.
Almost near the exit
The small cube waits for a platform to arrive.

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